Freestanding Wine Coolers - Mid Height

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Home Freestanding Wine Coolers - Mid Height
Home Freestanding Wine Coolers - Mid Height

A great range of freestanding wine coolers ideal for bringing wines to their optimum serving temperatures, or if space is an issue, these units can easily utilised as an ageing cabinet for a smaller collection.

Available as single or dual temperature zone freestanding units, there is the option to store and age wines simultaneously.  With the most prestigious brands available to purchase from all over Europe, we have done the hard work and brought the products to you.

When installing a freestanding wine cooler, it is imperative you follow the manufacturers instructions.  This type of unit require a minimum of 3-5 inches around the sides and rear and they should never be enclosed from above, for example installed under a counter top.  For this you will need a built in wine cooler.  Freestanding wine coolers require ventilation space in order to be able to cool the compressor, by blocking this the sealed system will over heat and void the manufacturers warranty.