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EuroCave UK: Wine Storage | The Inventor Of Wine Cabinets

EuroCave Long Term Wine Storage Solutions For Life

The first wine storage cabinets that resembled the conditions of a wine cellar, was created by EuroCave in 1976. They work with master Sommelier partners on the design, now celebrating 40 years of experience and distribute their exclusive ranges across 70 countries world wide. We are extremely excited to work with such a prestigious brand that provides such high quality wine cabinets on our store. 

Why choose EuroCave?

EuroCave offers the ultimate protection for your wine collection.

1. Protects against humidity and frost
2. UV glass protects against sunlight
3. Shelf construction protects against vibration
4. Keeps wine at the perfect temperature
5. Up to 40% more energy efficient

All wine cellars from EuroCave are designed and manufactured in France, ensuring the best quality. Wine cabinets can be used in different ways; the conservation of wine in perfect conditions - allowing the wine to mature over time. It can also be used for bringing wine to service temperature of red wine (16 - 18ºC) which is colder than room temperature.

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