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Dunavox are fast becoming one of the most favoured manufacturer of wine coolers, due to their luxurious design and great selection.  Distributed throughout 40 countries worldwide and with a 50% market share in many European countries, their keen eye for detail and reliability they have grown at a dramatic rate through out Europe and Asia.

They have all angles of wine refrigeration covered and will most likely have a wine fridge to suit your requirements, whether its an integrated wine cooler, undercounter or a show piece for a restaurant from their premium range.

For more information, please visit the DUNAVOX website or click here to learn more.


Who are Dunavox?

Dunavox is a wine cooler specialist company based in Budapest, Hungary. They have been developing their wine coolers for just under 15 years and are fast becoming the brand of choice throughout Europe and Asia.

Dunavox are now distributed throughout over 40 countries world wide including parts of America and most of Europe, where in some countries they have close to a 50% market share of the wine cooler industry.


What makes Dunavox different?

Production & Quality

They manufacture all of the internal components under one roof and construct the units in the same factory, which is different to most other brands who have the internal components manufactured in separate factories.

Then the units are often constructed in Europe or other factories in China, this is where manufacturers lose grip on their quality control and hence the wine coolers are often noisy and don’t last much longer than their warranty period. Thus, Dunavox ensure everything is manufactured in the same place and to only the highest standards as they want to stand out in a very competitive market.

3 Year Guarantee

Dunavox offer a 3 year manufacturers warranty on all of their compressor driven units and a 2 year warranty on their thermoelectric units. Their primary market is the kitchen industry where they offer Europe’s largest range of premium and luxury wine coolers to kitchen retailers, which includes undercounter wine coolers, integrated wine coolers and a collection of tall built in wine coolers for the avid collectors.

The undercounter sizes that you need

Their undercounter units come in standard sizes such as the 150mm, 300mm, 400mm and 600mm (for built in purpose) and are all available in stainless steel or with a black glass door and stainless-steel handle. All of these units also have beech wood shelves and a select few have charcoal filters to ensure any internal odours are removed efficiently.

Ahead of the time

Dunavox have recently released their ‘Label view’ range and their handleless range with push2open technology.  These products are at the forefront of the wine cooler industry and bother offer new and innovative ideas, the label view range offers patented shelving and are available in undercounter and tall wine coolers.

Made for the wine connoisseurs

The larger kitchen units are available as integrated wine coolers or as tall built in wine coolers which can have kitchen cabinets built around them. They are available in single, dual or three temperature zones and have a maximum bottle capacity of 194 Bordeaux bottles.

Dunavox’s range of freestanding wine coolers also caters for those who are limited by space in the kitchen. They all feature a tinted glass door, beech wood shelving, blue LED lit interiors and touch controls.

With capacities ranging from 6 right up to 200 bottles for enthusiastic wine collectors. The larger units also feature locks and sapele shelving which is much stronger than standard beech shelving, these units are designed for a restaurant/hotel environment as they are extremely robust and are constructed from some of the hardiest components in the world. They are a great investment for collections at home as well.

Aftersales & service you can count on

Dunavox are by far the most reliable units we sell and have the lowest breakdown rate of any wine cooler company in Europe, their aftersales is supported by Elite Wine Refrigeration and we can utilise three service providers in the event of a breakdown.