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The Wine Ageing Cabinet Expert

Combing their expertise in electrical appliances and traditional wine know-how, Climadiff is the wine cabinet specialist with a great range of long term storage wine cabinets. They have been number 1 in France since the late 1990's and sold by the country's leading distributors, the company draws on its unrivalled knowledge to provide high-quality and affordable wine cabinets to wine enthusiasts everywhere.

A Range Catering to Every Budget

Climadiff has one of the most extensive range of wine cabinets on the market whatever the type of cabinet you need, its size or your budget, features for ageing/conservation or for service of wine, we have a cabinet for you. Standard or premium, small or large, we have a wide choice of models adapted to every price point. 

How will a Climadiff wine cabinet protect my wine?

Climadiff are designed to store your wines in perfect conditions for many years to come, since 1997 they have been producing reliable, efficient wine cabinets for the sole purpose of long term storage of wine.  There are 5 key factors that ensure Climadiff cabinets protect your investment:

Protection against vibrations

A Climadiff wine cabinet has many vibration reducing features as wine is best stored in an environment as even the slightest of vibrations can interfere with the ageing process, producing sediments that will be suspended in the liquid as opposed to settling as they should.  

A Climadiff unit has vibration reducing features such as the compressor being mounted on rubber bushes which remove any vibration that the compressor causes, in particular when the compressor is starting up.  

In addition to the compressor, some of the higher specification units such as the CLA310A+ and CV295 has very stable shelves which are supported by rubber supports that absorb any additional vibrations from other sources such as foot traffic.

Protection against UV light

Most of the Climadiff cabinets will feature a solid door, which not only ensures the wine is stored in complete darkness but it also helps with energy efficiency.  The ageing process can be affected drastically by UV light - the rays can interfere with the chemical reactions that occur inside the bottle, which is why we recommend storing your wine in complete darkness.

A Climadiff unit will ensure that no UV light enters the cabinet, in particular the units with a solid door as this completely removes the risk of UV light damage.  The glass door units, will be fitted with a fully UV treated double or triple glazed door which will also remove the UV light and is one for those who are slightly more concerned about the aesthetics of the wine cabinet.

Pure air for your wines

Wine needs fresh air inside the cabinet, if there are any odours then this can potentially encourage mould growth inside the wine cabinet.  Climadiff's long term storage cabinets are provided with a charcoal filter which ensures the cool air is filtered to remove any unwanted odours in the cabinet.

The correct humidity inside the wine cabinet

To ensure the development of the wine over many years, the wine needs to be kept in an air tight environment which is what the cork is used for.  This is a natural substance and needs to be kept in good condition, otherwise the cork will become ill-fitting which will allow oxygen to seep into the bottle of wine and gradually, the wine will oxidize.

A Climadiff wine cabinet is designed to maintain the humidity between 55 and 85% whilst not allowing any water to collect inside the cabinet which may be a good environment for mould to grow or produce any unwanted odours.

Maintain a constant temperature inside the wine cabinet

Wine is best stored at around 12 or 13°C, the temperature should only fluctuate by a couple of degrees which makes storing your wine outside in the garage or under the stairs a less than ideal place.  The rate in which the wine ages is determined by the storage temperature and it has been proven that the most efficient temperature that produces the highest yield is 12°C - storing the wine at warmer temperature will see the wine age too fast and storing the wine at cooler temperatures will effectively inhibit the ageing process.

A Climadiff wine cabinet will maintain a constant temperature inside the cabinet and then once the wine reaches the desired temperature the wine itself will play a big role in maintaining a constant temperature inside the wine cabinet.

A constant temperature is extremely important as the ageing process can not just be turned on and off - wine needs optimal conditions consistently to be able to reach its full potential - this is exactly what Climadiff provide.