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Climadiff Wine Cabinets

The wine ageing cabinet expert

Combing their expertise in electrical appliances and traditional wine know-how, Climadiff is the wine cabinet specialist. Currently no. 1 in France and sold by the country's leading distributors, the company draws on its unrivaled knowledge to provide high-quality and affordable wine cabinets to wine enthusiasts everywhere.

A range catering to every budget

Climadiff has one of the most extensive range of wine cabinets on the market whatever the type of cabinet you need, its size or your budget, features for ageing/conservation or for service of wine, we have a cabinet for you. Standard or Premium, small or large, we have a wide choice of models adapted to every price point. 

The Climadiff Collection

Climadiff has a small range of kitchen units as well as an extensive range of cabinets designed for ageing of wines which you can view by clicking the links below:


Kitchen Wine Coolers     Ageing Wine Cabinets    Thermoelectric Wine Coolers




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