Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 885mm

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Home Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 885mm
Home Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 885mm

Integrated wine coolers are measured slightly different, the height refers to the height of the door which is usually slightly larger than the cabinet size to ensure it produces a seamless finish when the wine cooler is installed.

This type of wine cooler is the same height as a double oven and can sit side by side this type of appliance.  Side by side is great way to incorporate different appliances into a confined space and provides a great finish.

The cabinet size of this type of wine cooler is typically: H 873mm x W 555mm x D 560mm.  Here is an example installation diagram - Diagram.

To find out more about installing an integrated wine cooler, please visit or installation page.


Integrated Wine Cooler with an 885mm Aperture:

The 885mm high integrated wine cooler is the most popular integrated wine cooler as it is the same size as a double oven, so fits neatly side by side if you incorporate two tower units into your kitchen design.  Our 88.5cm integrated wine coolers are a great addition to any kitchen and a real eye-catching feature in any bodies kitchen, they also serve a purpose of maintain the correct temperature, humidity and are fully UV resistant so will ensure your wines are stored in the perfect environment.

We have a great range of this sized wine cooler, from well established leading wine cooler brands such as Liebherr, Dunavox, Miele and Avintage.  These wine coolers are equipped with the latest technology with some featuring push2open technology to match handle-less kitchens.  They will all include, wooden shelves, with some on telescopic rails and UV free interior lighting, which will make for a real talking point in a kitchen.

Integrated wine coolers shouldn’t be installed under a counter top as they require specific installation instructions.  If you are incorporating an 885mm integrated wine cooler into a current kitchen, you may need to adapt the kitchen cabinets and plinth to ensure the ventilation requirements are met for an integrated wine cooler.  Ensure a vent is incorporated into the plinth and a small vent is incorporated at the back of the kitchen cabinets to ensure that the warm air can escape from the cabinets at the back.