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Home Tall Wine Coolers

Elite Wine Refrigeration has a great range of tall wine coolers that can be built in with kitchen cabinetry around or can also be utilised as freestanding wine coolers.

Our large capacity wine coolers are designed to look spectacular but more importantly, they are designed to age, preserve and ensure your wine develops correctly.

If you are purchasing a wine cabinet of this size then its obvious you have a growing collection and are an avid collector of premium wines.

Tall wine cabinets are very popular as it’s a great alternative to a wine cellar for those who don’t have space, budget or for somebody who fancies something a little more versatile.

Our standard delivery is 2-man, which includes positioning of the unit in the room of choice, unpacking and removal of packaging. Trade and domestic customers are welcome to contact us to discuss multi-buy discounts.

You can learn more about tall wine coolers here.


Full height wine coolers

With capacities from 130 bottles up to 220 bottles, there is more than enough space to bring wines to their serving temperature for an event or these units can easily be utilised to store wines for years to come.

All units feature shelving with telescopic rails and are also available as single, dual and three temperature zones depending on your requirements. Large wine coolers usually come equipped with a lock and some even have different lighting options.


Proper storage conditions

Not only do tall wine cabinets look great and are a clear talking point in anyone's kitchen but they have to work correctly, that means ensuring your precious wines are stored at the correct temperature, humidity and also protect them from UV light and bad odours that may occur.

The tall wine cabinets we have in our collection have all been manufactured to high standards which means they will feature telescopic shelving, UV tinted glass doors, interior lighting and vibration-free compressors.


Incorporate into a bespoke kitchen design

In this collection you will find units that are able to be built in with kitchen cabinets arranged around them which will create a real talking piece in the kitchen; with the option of one, two or three temperature zones these units are extremely versatile as with a three-zone wine cabinet you can store wines at ageing temperature whilst also holding two different types of wines at their serving temperature ready for a party.


Bottle capacity of a large capacity wine cooler

Large capacity wine coolers will have a capacity of between 130 and 200 Bordeaux bottles which gives you more than enough room to play with.

The shelves in most units will accommodate Bordeaux bottles but there are a few units that can store champagne bottles, its best to check with the manufacturer first which bottles will fit to avoid disappointment.


Installation of a tall wine cooler

When installing a tall wine cabinet it is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions, in most cases they will have a vent on the front which means there will be a series of fans underneath the wine cooler which will create an air circulation which will make sure the compressor can cool down.

This means you can build the kitchen cabinets as close as you want, which is usually within 2.5mm so that the door can open correctly and not catch on the side panels.