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There are many different types of wine coolers and wine walls available on the market today - you will find your search is full of missleading information and poor quality products, which is why we only carry reputable, high quality brands from around Europe.

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we want to make your buying experience as easy and as fruitful as possible, so before beginning your search for your new wine cooler, wine wall or wine cabinet, its best to know which type of unit is best for the space you have. Keep reading to learn more or read our Buyer's Guide!

We have given a brief over view of the different types of products below - please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Built In Wine Coolers

This type of wine cooler are primarily undercounter units designed to sit on the floor and in most cases have kitchen cabinets built around them to created a seamless look.  Built in wine coolers are available in standard sizes, with the majority designed to be used as undercounter units so they can fit neatly into kitchen cabinets.

Undercounter wine coolers are available in standard widths of: 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm and 600mm – however there are a selected few tall wine coolers that can be built in as well.

Built in wine coolers can also be utilised as freestanding wine coolers, the only difference being they have a vent at the front to allow for enough ventilation to cool the compressor and evaporator.

Read more on how to install a built-in wine cooler.


Integrated Wine Coolers

These are designed to sit inside a kitchen cabinet that is open at the back for ventilation. This type of wine cooler will sit along side ovens, integrated coffee machines and microwaves creating a floating, seamless look.

Available in standard heights of: 455mm, 595mm, 885mm, 1234mm and 1778mmintegrated wine coolers are manufactured to match the same sizes of other kitchen appliances, such as integrated ovens and microwaves. 

This type of wine cooler can also be ‘fully integrated’ with a few wine coolers allowing a kitchen cabinet door to be attached to the front of the door.

Read more on how to install an integrated wine cooler.


Freestanding Wine Coolers

This type of wine cooler are a great addition to any home and come in a few varieties such as ageing cabinets and multi-purpose wine cabinets which can be used to store wines whilst holding a small selection at serving temperature.

The number one misconception in the wine cooler industry is that a freestanding wine cooler is designed to be used as an undercounter wine cooler.  When utilised as a built in unit, this type of wine cooler will over heat and void the manufacturers warranty as it has no way of drawing in cool air to cool the compressor and evaporator.  A freestanding wine cooler should be well ventilated meaning at least 3-5 inches around the sides of ventilation space and they should never be enclosed from above. 

Read more on how to install a freestanding wine cooler.


Luxury Wine Walls UK

Wine walls are something slightly different to a traditional wine cooler, our refrigerated systems are suitable for home use or for commercial environments.

With an array of sizes with varying bottle capacities, you can build your wine wall to fit basically any decor and with the modular systems the possibilities are effectively endless.    

Elite Wine Fridges carries a substantial range of wine walls with some that are suitable for freestanding use only and some that have the ability to be built in with cabinetry around them, just like the integrated and built in wine coolers mentioned above.


Wine Cabinets

wine cabinet is a freestanding unit designed specifically for the long-term storage of wine, there are two varieties with the main difference being the material they are produced from.

A typical wine cabinet is constructed from metal and are designed to maximise bottle capacity whilst keeping the bottles stored at the ideal storage temperature and humidity all year round. 

Wooden wine cabinets are a real feature piece which is wrapped in premium wood, they have high capacities for larger amounts of wine and are designed for indoor use and create a real statement piece.

As previous mentioned, a wine cabinet is a free-standing wine cooler and should be installed with plenty of ventilation space around it.