Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 595mm

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Home Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 595mm
Home Integrated Wine Coolers - Aperture 595mm

Integrated wine coolers are measured slightly different, the height refers to the height of the door which is usually slightly larger than the cabinet size to ensure it produces a seamless finish when the wine cooler is installed.

This type of wine cooler is the same height as a single oven and can sit side by side this type of appliance.  Side by side is great way to incorporate different appliances into a confined space and provides a great finish.

The cabinet size of this type of wine cooler is typically: H 584mm x W 545mm x D 570mm.  Here is an example installation diagram - Diagram.

To find out more about installing an integrated wine cooler, please visit or installation page.

Integrated Wine Cooler with a 595mm height:

A popular choice in the world of integrated wine coolers, the 595mm integrated wine cooler makes a great addition to any kitchen, mini bar or dining room.  With their internal LED lighting and wooden shelves, they look terrific when installed next to other integrated appliances.

A new generation of integrated wine coolers will see the 59.5cm integrated wine cooler be available in handle-less versions from specialist manufacturers such as Dunavox and Liebherr.  The push2open mechanism is a premium feature, which basically means by pushing the top right hand corner, a mechanical arm will push the door open and will automatically close as well.

When installing a 595mm integrated wine cooler, this will fit neatly into a standard 600mm wide tower unit.  Although the size of the door is slightly larger than the cabinet space as the door is designed to overlap the kitchen cabinets to create a seamless finish.  It is very important that the installation instructions are followed for integrated wine coolers as they do not have a ventilation system incorporated into  them, so it must be incorporated into existing kitchens or new kitchen designs.

Our integrated wine coolers of this size will generally hold between 30 and 40 Bordeaux bottles and all are dual zone models, you also have the choice of black with a full tinted glass door or stainless steel with a seamless door frame and UV tinted glass.