SWISSCAVE Wine Cabinets

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SWISSCAVE are a synonymous name in the world of wine storage, born after wanting to rectify lots of mistakes that common brands were doing.  They are now a leading manufacturer of wine cabinets and meet the highest of standards when it comes to long term storage of your wines.  

SWISSCAVE used experts in the wine field to help design their wine cabinets, after listening to the points that they raised they incorporated their views into their units and were fully tested by wine connoisseurs to get the seal of approval.  They also paid a lot of attention to the materials which were used to construct the products; you will find full glass doors and sliding wooden shelves in all of their units, opting to use as little plastic as possible to create a high end feel to match the quality engineering. 

With the ability to be built in to cabinetry, they add a sense of class in any kitchen, dining room or storage room.  Units with a capacity of up to 220 Bordeaux bottles and dual temperature zone wine cabinets available, SWISSCAVE have a great range of quality products.

SWISSCAVE wine coolers, also have a great range of humidors, if you are interested in purchasing one of these please contact us to discuss further.