Meet The Team

Cherry Yung: Founder & General Manager

Cherry Yung, the Founder and General Manager at Elite Wine Refrigeration. Her journey began when she graduated with from Newcastle University in 2015 with her partner, where she found a market for wine cooling and pursued her ambitions to revolutionise the wine storage market, which fueled her dedication to creating Elite Wine Refrigeration.

Cherry's commitment and hard work have transformed Elite Wine Refrigeration into a prominent distributor of wine storage solutions, boasting exclusive partnerships with leading European brands as well as building a brand new showroom for wine fridges in 2021. Her passion for providing high quality products and exceptional customer service has made Elite Wine Refrigeration a name to reckon with in the industry.

Hayley Warner: Operations Manager

Hayley Warner is the Operations Manager at Elite Wine Refrigeration. Before joining the company, Hayley was a professional actress and musical theatre performer with over 10 years of experience, a BA Hons degree in Music Theatre and Masters degree in Acting.

After years of performing and part-time hospitality positions, Hayley decided to settle down in her hometown of North Wales and find a company she could grow and thrive in, and Elite Wine Refrigeration welcomed her with open arms and taught her everything she knows about wine storage to this day.

Hayley's journey with Elite Wine has been nothing short of impressive. She started as a Business Administrator in September '21, swiftly transitioning to the role of a Sales Executive. Her dedication, expertise, and exceptional performance have led her to her current position as Operations Manager, where she continues to contribute significantly to the success of Elite Wine Refrigeration. With her dynamic career trajectory, Hayley is a valuable asset, ensuring top-notch operational excellence and customer satisfaction at Elite Wine Refrigeration.

Charlie - The Best Forklift Operator In The Business

Despite his need for frequent naps, Charlie is known for his compassion, dedication and commitment to the cause. Charlie's title proceeds him as the best forklift operator in the business. A gorgeous Border Collie with only one and a half years of experience in the business.

In addition to his role, Charlie is an advocate for company culture. Eagerly anticipating team walks, and enjoying treats provided by the other members of Elite Wine while being approachable, kind and caring in the process. If you are looking to purchase a wine storage unit through us, feel safe knowing that Charlie will expertly utilise our forklifts to ensure your unit is safely onboard our delivery transits.