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Avintage are France's premium wine cabinet manufacturer, providing high quality ageing cabinets designed specifically with the long term storage of wines in mind. Their freestanding wine cabinet collection, looks great and performs even better with features such as LCD touch screen displays on certain models and active humidity monitoring so you can see the internal humidity of the cabinet.

The DVP range are polyvalent models, meaning they have three temperature zones.  This is due to the internal fans being turned off, cool air is introduced at the bottom of the wine cabinet and gradually warms as it rises through the cabinet, creating independent temperature zones that can be used for white wine serving, storage in the middle and red wine serving temperature at the top - a real multi functional wine cabinet.

What wine cabinets do Avintage produce?

Avintage produce a wide range of long term and multi functional wine cabinets that compete with the likes of Eurocave - produced in Portugal to the highest standards the Avintage collection really does look the part and also performs just as good.

How will an Avintage wine cabinet protect my wine?

Avintage cabinets are designed with the 5 key storage conditions in mind: No vibrations, UV free, Constant and reliable temperature, Odourless and of course the management of the internal humidity.

What is the difference between Climadiff and Avintage?

Climadiff and Avintage are part of the same group of companies, with Avintage seen as the premium side of the two brands.  Climadiff is functional and reliable whereas the Avintage collection is designed to compete with Eurocave and has more features to dive into so you can play about with the settings more to cater the cabinet to your requirements more.

Are Avintage wine cabinets Vibration free?

Yes, the compressor is mounted on vibration reducing rubber mountings and the shelves are manufactured from Sapele wood which absorbs any residual vibrations - these are mounted on rubber supports which also act as dampers.

Are Avintage's cabinets UV free?

Yes, there are a range that are solid door models but the glass door units feature heavily tinted glass which has been completely UV treated.

Is the temperature stable?

Yes, the cabinets cool via direct cooling which is the most reliable way of maintaining the internal temperature - once the bottles reach the desired storage temperature there will be very little fluctuation in the internal temperature.

How do Avintage cabinets manage the humidity?

As with most wine cabinets, the humidity is managed by the excess water vapour condensing on the back wall during the cooling phase - this then drips down the back wall of the cabinet and into a small container located next to the compressor which then evaporates off due to the heat from the compressor.

Whats the difference between the DVA and DVP line?

DVA is a single temperature zone wine cabinet and the DVP is a multi zone wine cabinet, with three sections that can be controlled separately.

What features do the wine cabinets have?


The AV306A+ is the entry level cabinet from Avintage and is very similiar to the Climadiff CLA310A+ except it has upgraded internal components to make it slightly quieter, more efficient and of course the black metal exterior.  This model has a capacity of 294 Bordeaux bottles and adjustable internal temperature between 5 and 18°C and is suitable for installation in a garage or outbuilding due to the winter system - perfect for someone looking to expand their collection.


The DVA305G is an aesthetically pleasing cabinet that also has space for 294 Bordeaux bottles - this cabinet features more settings to drill down into such as when the winter system comes on and a colour LCD touch screen display which shows the current internal temperature and humidity.  Designed specifically for long term storage this cabinet only has an internal operating temperature of between 8 and 18°C, sapele shelving which is rot proof.


The DVP range is a polyvalent line of products from Avintage which offers a multi temperature zone storage cabinet.  There are three temperature zones inside the cabinet that operate between:

Zone 1: 6 and 10°C

Zone 2: 10 and 14°C

Zone 3: 14 and 18°C


The PA+ line from Avintage is the newest range of wine cabinets recently added to their collection - they are very similiar to the DVA and DVP lines with UV protected glass doors but these feature a solid glass door which removes any risk at all of UV damage to the wine, this also brings the energy consumption down and they are now rated A+ as opposed to an A.  The wine cabinets feature a glass window to view the colour control screen and sapele shelving suitable for storage of 52 Bordeaux bottles per shelf.  The DVA265PA+ is the slightly smaller version of the two units holding 264 Bordeaux bottles and the larger DVA305PA+ holding 294 Bordeaux bottles.