Multi Zone Wine Cabinets - Ageing and Serving

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Home Multi Zone Wine Cabinets - Ageing and Serving
Home Multi Zone Wine Cabinets - Ageing and Serving

Multi-temperature zone wine cabinets with two or more temperature zones.

Featuring independently programmable temperature zones, up to three.  This means you can store reds, whites and bring some of your collection to their correct serving temperature at the same time.

Some wine cabinets feature polyvalent technology.  This means you can have up to six different temperature zones depending on the internal operating temperature.  This works via turning the internal fans off, which usually distribute the cool air throughout the cabinet evenly.  By doing this, the cabinet cools from the bottom and allows warmer air to rise up through the cabinet.

Polyvalent cabinets also have the option of being utilised as a single temperature zone wine cabinet as well.

If you have any questions regarding any of our multi-zone wine cabinet, please contact us:

Multi-zone wine cabinets

Having more than two temperature zones in a wine cooler gives you flexibility in how you want to store your collection, this is ideal for you if you want to use the unit for wine-ageing, wine storage, or as a service cellar.

Different types are:

Polyvalent technology – has an option to turn the internal fan on or off. When it is on, it is used as an wine-ageing cellar. When the fan is deactivated, you can use it as a service cellar by keeping red wine at the top and whites at the bottom – it creates a variation of temperature between 7°C – 18° from bottom to top.

Two to six temperature zones – these temperature settings are set by yourself, however you want to store your collection.

Solid or glass doors

Choosing either types of doors can have its different advantage. Solid doors can help you save more energy and provide a bold design in your living space. Whereas glass door will show off your collection with an LED lighting, we now supply a new type of shelf that allows you to view the label of your wine called “Label view” shelves – you can find these models by Dunavox.