Why Is My Dunavox Wine Fridge Not Cooling?

Ensuring that your wines are stored in an optimal environment is so important to anyone looking to build their wine collections. This is vital for the condition of your wine and will bring you and your guests a much richer tasting experience.

Wine fridges host a variety of different benefits beyond just temperature regulation, they can supply dual temperature zones, high-capacity wine storage, and humidity regulation amongst much more.

If your wine fridge is not cooling properly, this could be put down to many different factors from your condenser fan to the general temperature of your room.

Some of these issues are much more difficult to fix without the help of a professional than others - however, there are still plenty of home remedies that you could try before the need for a professional.

Continue reading to find out more about the main issues that may be occurring with your Dunavox wine cooler.


Dunavox Wine Coolers

First of all, it is important to understand the brand that Dunavox is. They are an incredibly well-respected brand in the wine cooling industry and supply some of the finest, most luxurious wine coolers in the business.

Full of features (e.g LED light, humidity regulation, UV protection - the list goes on), they are sophisticated appliances that can store your wine in the best way.

They remain up to date with the latest technologies and provide aesthetically pleasing wine fridges to fit into whichever space you require in the form of freestanding wine coolers and integrated ones.

Dunavox builds sturdy and reliable wine fridges meaning the likelihood that you experience issues with them will be very small, however, like any machine, there are always unforeseen problems that can occur.


Types of Dunavox Wine Coolers

When Purchasing your wine coolers, it is important to note which type of cooler you have purchased. The two types to decide between are a compressor cooler and a thermoelectric cooler.


Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

A thermoelectric cooler includes fewer moving parts than a compressor wine cooler and therefore is more efficient in its energy consumption. They include a Peltier plate, a heat sink and a heat pump. Below we have discussed some of the most common issues people face when they purchase these types of coolers.


Malfunctioning Fan

The fan is one of the key components of any wine cooler and is therefore one of the first things that you check for any faults when your wine fridge is not cooling properly.

The fan is a necessity for all of your wine cooler’s cooling functions, making it crucial to ensure that you carefully wipe away any dust or debris that may be blocking the proper operations of your cooler.

Depending on whether your fan is broken, clogged or disconnected, these can be a relatively simple fix. If your cooler appears to be clogged then you can clean this with a soft cloth to make sure that nothing inside your fan becomes damaged or broken further. If it is disconnected, then the connectors inside can be easily reattached to see whether this fixes your cooling issues.

If these are not your issue, contact a professional or a member of our support team at 0800 484 0929.


Room Temperature

The temperature of the room in which you place your wine cooler is another vital factor you should consider when first purchasing a cooler, this can affect the overall quality of your wine collection.

People who are living in hotter areas may be better off purchasing a compressor cooler to ensure that the temperature issues of a thermoelectric cooler do not stop you from your wine-collecting desires.

People who are considering the purchase of a thermoelectric wine fridge should ensure that their home has the capacity to store them in optimal conditions to make sure that these issues do not occur.


Compressor Wine Coolers

Compressor wine coolers are much more powerful than their counterparts. They are much less energy efficient due to having more moving parts in their mechanism - however, they are able to cool at lower temperatures and are able to store much more wine than a thermoelectric cooler.


Fan Issues

Like thermoelectric wine coolers, the most common cause for problems in Compressor wine coolers is their internal fans.

The best course of action one can take to ensure the proper working condition of the fan is to simply check for any debris that may be blocking the proper functions of the cooler. Then, wipe the fan gently with a cloth to remove any dust that may be preventing the fan from functioning properly.


Broken Evaporator

Another problem that commonly occurs in Dunavox compressor coolers is the fault of an evaporator somewhere within the mechanism.

Much like the fan, these issues are usually caused by dust or debris blocking the proper function of the evaporators, it is important that this issue is cleared and fixed quickly as this could become permanently damaged.

A permanently damaged evaporator could call for a complete replacement, this should be done by a professional to avoid any unnecessary extra damages.


Dunavox Wine Coolers at Elite Wine Refrigeration

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality and long-lasting wine coolers to customers across the UK from brands such as Dunavox and Vestfrost.

Since 2016, we have ensured that our clientele is happy and satisfied with our services, any broken Dunavox wine coolers can be brought back to us and we can discuss your next actions from your warranty.

There are plenty of freestanding and integrated Dunavox wine coolers for you to choose from on our website, you are sure to find the perfect wine fridge for your exact needs.

We enjoy helping customers find the perfect wine fridge no matter their wine-cooling aspirations, however, we are just as happy to assist you with any of your required repairs. You can contact us at 0800 484 0929 or email us at info@elitefridges.co.uk and we will provide any advice or help for your situation.

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