Are Thermoelectric Wine Coolers Any Good?

Wine coolers are great for housing collections of wine that need to be chilled. By maintaining a constant temperature, wine coolers keep your bottles in the best condition by preserving the flavours and aromas - something that could alter if you were to keep them in a regular household fridge.

Regardless of the style of wine cooler that you decide to go for, how beneficial they are for your requirements all comes down to preference.

Thermoelectric wine coolers are a great option to go for when you're on the hunt for the ideal refrigerator to house a small bottle collection.

If you want to learn more about thermoelectric wine coolers and whether or not they’re any good, continue reading.


What is a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler?

A thermoelectric wine cooler is a refrigerating unit that uses properties from the Peltier effect to run efficiently.

Sitting down after a long week to enjoy a glass of wine is one of the simplest ways to wind down, but if you’ve been keeping your wine in a regular fridge, it could be having a detrimental effect on the taste of your beverage.

By keeping your wine in a thermoelectrical-driven refrigerator, your wine is able to age correctly. Thanks to the low-vibrational, soundless benefits of thermoelectricity, the particles that lie dormant at the bottom of your wine could be disturbed.

When the sediments are mixed, the strong flavours and aromas can shift. Wine storage is just as important as the process of it being made beforehand, so making sure you have a reliable wine cooler from ourselves at Elite Wine Refrigeration is key.

The main issue with using a regular kitchen fridge to store your wine is the amount of interruption your chilling process endures, as well as its limited capacity.

The average temperature to keep your wine in is between 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, which is cooler than the temperature a regular fridge offers.


The Peltier Effect

Thermoelectric wine coolers operate by using a phenomenon called the Peltier effect. Within a thermoelectric cooler are two different sections of metal that are combined together to form a flowing current.

The Peltier effect allows the two pieces of metal to draw heat from one to the other by sucking it from one end to the next. The cool end of the metal is integrated inside the cooler itself, whilst the hotter end is kept externally.

With the Peltier effect being in full motion for the duration that the thermoelectric cooler is running, it works harder to pull the heat back to the cooler end - preventing accidents and damages from occurring.

When the electrical junctions (the two conjoined pieces of metal) have a flowing current between them, the Peltier effect removes the heat and the cooling process begins.


Advantages of Owning a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Thermoelectric wine coolers are generally better for the environment compared to compressor-operated designs, thanks to being extremely energy-efficient.

Unlike many other cooling units, thermoelectric designs don’t contain or release any harmful chemicals.

As well as having an array of environmental and eco-friendly benefits, thermoelectric wine coolers generate no sound, vibration or hums - something that's seen as one of the biggest advantages of owning a thermoelectric fridge.

Because thermoelectric coolers have fewer moving parts, they require less energy than other various wine fridges.

Systems within small to medium-sized wine coolers work the most efficiently compared to those of a larger size - this is due to the electricity being able to run at a better speed in a smaller unit.


Styles of Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Thermoelectric wine coolers can come in a variety of sizes. We recommend freestanding models of thermoelectric coolers as built-in and integrated styles are typically bought to accommodate larger collections.

If you’re a bar or restaurant owner, thermoelectric wine coolers might not be the best option to go for - they often struggle to run when they’re powering bigger collections.

The majority of thermoelectric wine coolers will be freestanding, meaning you’ll be able to have free rein on positioning them where you want.

Temperature zone wine coolers need to have a small gap left above wherever they’re placed, this helps the fans operate accordingly.

Typically, larger-sized coolers are integrated or built-in to kitchen cabinets, home bars and wall space if they’re not bought for a commercial space.

Elite Wine Refrigeration has a wide range of wine cooler variants, including freestanding, integrated, built-in, wine cabinets and wine walls.

We offer such a diverse selection of coolers to make sure there’s something to suit all of our customer's needs.

Wine walls are best for housing collections of 100 bottles plus, whereas a small-sized, freestanding thermoelectric wine cooler is ideal for those who need a designated area in their home for their wine to stay chilled.


Wine Coolers at Elite Wine Refrigeration

Based in Cheshire, Elite Wine Refrigeration is a family-run business. We know how important family is, especially socialising with them in your home. Our wine coolers make the perfect home accessory for those who are wanting a safe place to keep their wine.

Not only are wine coolers incredibly stylish and sleek, but they also offer a way to show off your different-sized bottles to guests. We stock Climadiff, Liebherr, Vestfrost and more - all being high-quality wine coolers from top-of-the-range brands.

So, are wine coolers any good? Yes! They’re extremely beneficial for those who want their wine to be kept refrigerated in the most efficient way possible.

With many people realising that staying in is the new going out, there's no wonder our sales have skyrocketed through the roof.

Being experts in wine coolers, we have all the knowledge to help those in search of a long-lasting wine fridge.

We look forward to being of assistance to both new and old customers, if you have a legitimate interest in implementing a wine cooler into your home, feel free to contact a member of our team for help - we aim to reply as soon as possible.

Having obtained a multitude of top reviews and customer feedback, we feel proud that our services haven’t gone unmissed. For additional information, visit our site today - and check out our range of wine coolers here.

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