Why Is My Avintage Wine Fridge Not Cooling?

Around the world, wine cooling continues to be a growing industry as more and more people decide to develop their very own wine collections.

For newcomers into the wine industry, it can be rather confusing to find out that your wine cooler is not properly cooling your wine.

Like any refrigeration mechanism, these wine fridges are subject to malfunction however there are many ways in which this can be fixed from replacing components from within to even ensuring that the glass door is closed properly.

Throughout this blog post, we will be discussing some of the most common causes of concern in Avintage wine cabinets.


Avintage Wine Coolers

Avintage is an immensely respected brand in the world of wine storage, famous for providing some of the highest quality wine coolers that money can buy.

Based in France, they have been supplying expertly crafted built-in and freestanding wine coolers worldwide for many years, making them one of the most trusted brands in the business.

Their freestanding wine coolers are some of the standout designs that they build, they are striking in their looks and are also amazingly well made with some high-tech additions to certain models including an LCD touchscreen that can show the humidity of the inside of your cabin.


Types of Wine Coolers

There are two main types of wine coolers you are likely to have to decide between, these are thermoelectric or compressor wine coolers.


A thermoelectric wine cooler contains fewer moving parts than a compressor wine cooler. This means that they are more energy efficient but tend to have a lower bottle capacity overall.

These types of wine fridges can be both single-zone and dual-zone allowing for dynamic temperature zones, both of which give you flawlessly refrigerated wine.



Compressor wine coolers are usually much larger than thermoelectric coolers allowing for a much larger storage capacity for your bottles of wine.

Many people may decide against this option due to their high energy consumption however the large capacity for wine should be something to consider as it allows you to store much more wine for your dinner parties.


Common Problems of a Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Here are some common problems you may encounter when you have a thermoelectric cooler - a failed fan and an ambient temperature that is too hot or too cold.


Failed Fan

Fan failure is a common problem for many wine coolers, not just specifically for Avintage ones. However, these are still issues that must be addressed immediately.

The fan is one of the most important parts of a wine cooler as it is what keeps the temperature of the wine inside the cabinet at its optimum state.If this has become damaged then this is an important issue for you to see to as soon as possible.

It is very possible that your fan may have just been blocked by some dust or debris which can be an easy fix. Simply wipe down your fan with a soft towel or cloth to remove the blockage, and then you can test your cooler to see if it has returned to its proper functions.

If not, then this may call for the help of a professional. You can contact our support team at 0800 484 0929 or email us at info@elitefridges.co.uk for advice and further details.


Room Temperature

An important consideration for people in the market for a thermoelectric wine cooler is that the temperature of its surroundings can affect its working condition.

It is important to consider this before making the final purchasing decision as the room that you have planned as the perfect space for your cooler may not be suitable for as thermoelectric wine cooler.

People purchasing a wine cooler in the hotter countries in the world may be better considering the purchase of a compressor cooler as this is not an issue that they can experience.


Common Problems of a Compressor Wine Cooler

Some problems that may occur with a compressor wine cooler include a failed condenser fan or a broken evaporator fan. Read on for more information.


Condenser Fan

Like the thermoelectric coolers, the condenser fan causes the most issues amongst wine cooler owners as it is such an important component in the mechanism.

The condenser fan ensures that hot air is removed from the cabin and the cold air is all that remains, keeping it at an ambient temperature.

A faulty condenser fan can either be a relatively easy fix or a complete replacement required due to its importance and, therefore, delicacy.

There may be a blockage of dirt or dust that is preventing the fan from cooling your wine cabinet properly therefore it is important to gently remove this with a soft cloth.


Broken Evaporation Fan

A broken evaporator can be a major issue for your wine cooler as it is an incredibly important component of your cooler, as with the condenser fan.

The evaporation fan uses the process of evaporation to lower the internal temperature, this works by utilising the natural process of evaporation as the particles with the highest energy (hot air) leave the cabin first leaving just cool air inside the cabin.

This can be an easily solved issue if it is discovered before permanent damage can occur, once again by clearing any debris from inside the mechanism to ensure that it is not blocked.

If this does not solve your issue, then this may call for a complete replacement of the evaporator.


Avintage Wine Coolers at Elite Wine Refrigeration

When choosing your wine cooler, Avintage will guarantee you a long-term and multifunctional wine cabinet that can accommodate your wine collections in ideal conditions.

Avintage offers many different options for you to choose from at Elite Wine Refrigeration and we believe it is of paramount importance that people of all demographics are able to store their desired wine collections in the wine cooler of their dreams.

While your wine cooler can succumb to various different faults, depending on whether you purchase a thermoelectric or compressor wine cooler, you can be assured that buying with Avintage can supply you with some of the best quality designs around.

If you do find yourself in a difficult situation and would like more information or support on the issues with your wine fridge, contact us at 0800 484 0929 or email us at info@elitefridges.co.uk.

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