Champagne Neveux-Rousseau is based in Jonquery, an area that is recognized for the quality of the Pinot Meunier, located in the heart of the Marne Valley. Following a long line of family winegrowers, and now in the seventh generation, Champagne Neveux-Rousseau has been producing exceptional Champagnes respecting the purest traditions. The family produces a fine Champagne that will delight and surprise with extraordinary balance and a well balanced character and taste.

The vineyard is among the finest Crus in the Champagne region: Jonquery, Villers-Marmery and Saintno refining agents containing any animal by products in any shape or form were used in the production of this Champagne. In terms of taste it is a fresh, lean style of Champagne with bright apple and lemon notes. It has with a long fizz giving it more roundness and breadiness, with a firm mouth watering finish and a creamy texture. The Champagne House is entitled Neveux-Rousseau and If you would like to purchase this bubbly, you can do so from Say It With Champers, presently they are the only source of this bubbly in the UK.  

Champagne Neveux-Rousseau

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