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Cherry Yung4/ 7/20

At Elite Wine Refrigeration we are a big fan of the Dunavox range of wine coolers, the products themselves are reliable, quiet and built to last what the modern world can throw at them.  This is backed up a superb after sales service which in our opinion hasn't been matched by any other manufacturer that we have worked with.

Their handle-less line has proved to be very popular here in the UK, with the huge trend of German handleless kitchens wine cooler manufacturers had to keep up with today's design features which included handle-less wine coolers.

There are two versions available on the market which have captured this design, one being a mechanical opening mechanism, which is a simple push and pop off system seen on the lower end units like Pevino and there is also the electrical method which features a push rod which opens and closes the door which can be found on the Miele, Liebherr and Dunavox units.

Below you will find a load of questions we asked Dunavox to help give a clear understanding of the new unit for our readers.

Dunavox DAU-45.125DSS.TO

Is the Dunavox DAU-45.125 a built in or freestanding wine cooler?

The DAU-45.125 is designed primarily as a built in wine cooler as it is front venting which means kitchen cabinets can be built around it whilst allowing adequate air circulation to cool the compressor.  With that being said, you can also utilise this wine cooler as a freestanding unit as it is very quiet and will sit on the floor neatly in the corner of a dining room or office.

What makes the Dunavox DAU-45.125 different?

The DAU-45 is one of a kind in terms of a standard undercounter wine cooler, it has a base height of 880mm with a door height of 780mm which makes it the perfect height for German handle-less kitchens as they have a standard counter top height of 890mm.  This means the door heights match one another and the lines flow neatly around the kitchen, a standard 600mm wide undercounter unit usually have a height of 820mm and a 715mm door.

Is the Dunavox DAU-45.125 quiet?

Yes! All Dunavox units are constructed from high quality components which includes in the internal and external fans which are usually the prime culprit for excessive noise levels. 

The DAU-45 is rated at 40dB and once this unit has been built in with kitchen cabinets around it, you will very rarely hear it - it at all, which is exactly what we want from a high quality wine cooler!

What colours does it come in?

Currently this model is available in stainless steel (shown below), black with a full tinted glass door and white with a full glass door.

Whats the warranty period?

The Dunavox warranty period is currently 3 years parts and labour and 5 years on the compressor - no registration required.

How many bottles does it hold?

The DAU-45 has space for 45 Bordeaux bottles which can also be increased by taking a shelf out and stacking the bottles.

How many bottles can you fit on one shelf?

Most shelves fit 8 bottles per shelf with the middle shelf holding 15 as the bottles are designed to be double stacked there.  You can also have a look at the bottle loading diagram here.

Are the shelves sliding?

Yes, the shelves aren't on telescopic rails but slide along the runners neatly.  The reason for this is so that the shelves can be easily removed if you want to store Magnums or other bigger bottles.

What colour lighting does it have?

This model has blue interior lighting which has three lighting functions, it is also equipped with sabbath mode for Ramadan when it needs to be in complete darkness but the compressor continues to start up.  The interior is lit by LED lighting that is now mounted down the side walls to light up the cabinet evenly which is something new for this model.

Is it energy efficient?

Yes, A energy efficiency as with most Dunavox units and is rated at 145kwh/annum which will work out at approximately £20-30 a year which is quite reasonable if you ask us!

Does it fit champagne bottles?

Yes, as with most of the Dunavox units - there are shelves in this unit that accommodate Champagne bottles.  In this unit you will easily fit Champagne bottles on the very top shelf and the middle shelf in the lower section.

Can I attach my own cabinet door to the front?

 Unfortunately not - this isnt designed as a 'fully integrated' wine cooler but Dunavox will be releasing this later this year in 2020.

What does Elite Wine Refrigeration think?

The DAU-45 is something a little different to the standard 600mm wine cooler which fills a big hole and is designed to match German kitchens perfectly.  This puts Dunavox at a huge advantage in terms of keeping up with the handleless trend but also the actual wine cooler itself looks terrific in the flesh and the finish is great.

This will make the kitchen designers lives much easier in terms of incorporating a wine cooler into the kitchen design and we are looking forward to hearing customers feedback.

Dunavox DAU-45.125DB.TODunavox DAU-45.125DB.TO

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