Swisscave – The New 60 range

As the name suggests, Swisscave are a specialist manufacturer of wine coolers based in Switzerland where they design a develop their products. 

Elite Wine has been one of the very few UK partners for Swisscave for a few years and we are very confident in their products and service.

Recently they have released their new line of wine coolers, the 60 range.  The new range of units has seen many improvements and is now able to be built in as it is front venting, meaning cabinets can be built around it to create a real feature piece with wine racks or kitchen cabinets around it.Swisscave WLB460DF



Upgraded Cooling System

The 60 range comes in a variety of sizes depending on the capacity and space availability you have:

WLB160DF/F – 820mm tall

WLB460DF/F – 1720mm tall

All of the models feature an upgraded cooling system which includes an inverter compressor, high quality internal and external fans and upgraded evaporators. 

The compressors have the ability to control the speed that they are running at which means, they can increase their running speed or decrease, depending on the demand.

The high-quality fans are worth mentioning as they are the prime culprit for noise complaints, poor quality fans are unbalanced and cause excessive noise when they are running. 

Swisscave have made sure the fans that have been used are some of the quietest in production which has meant no noise complaints in the time that the 60 range has been produced.

Swisscave WLB460DF

Interior Lighting and Shelving

The interior on this range is now lit by warm white lighting, there are individual lights for each shelf layer which lights up the bottles well when the shelves are pulled out but also creates a nice feature when the door is closed and the wine cooler is lit up.

As with the black and the 50 range, there is different shelf options available which is what makes Swisscave so unique as there is currently no one of the market offering this type of service. 

Depending on the type of wine cooler you are looking for, there is the option to have: Display shelving - which shows off your bottles more, Ambiente shelving – which is a high quality Sapele wood which gives a slightly different look to the wine cooler and there is also the option to add a few Burgundy shelves for those who have larger bottles.

Swisscave WLB460FLD


Aesthetics and Energy Efficiency

The outer carcass of the wine cooler has been upgraded and is now a black steel outer carcass and the door frame is a filigree stainless steel which has a brushes effect which in our opinion is very pleasing on the eye.

Due to the compressor that the units are now using, the energy efficiency is now very good – most are rated either A or A+ which is very low and will cost you around £15-20 to run for the full year! 

The door is also filled with argon which helps with temperature loss and therefore.

To sum it up, the new 60 range from Swisscave are high quality, reliable wine coolers with many options available to suit the space and capacity required. 

However, we do find the standard shelves slightly too tight for different sized bottles, which can be rectified with the burgundy shelving.

Swisscave WLB460FLD


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