Dunavox - 143 bottle Freestanding / Built in Single Zone Tall Wine Cabinet DX-143.468SS


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  • Energy Rating - G
  • Rated capacity: 143 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Installation type: Built in or Free standing
  • Single zone temperature settings: 5 - 22°C
  • Dimensions: Height: 183.5cm, Width: 65.5cm, Depth: 68cm
  • 3 Year Warranty
Dunavox Warranty Terms

Dunavox 143 bottle Single Zone Tall Wine Cooler DX-143.468SS 

Dunavox are based in Budapest, Hungary and have been distributing their large capacity wine cabinets for 15 years. Their products can now be found in over 45 countries around the world and they have a focus on quality and reliability which isn't something you find very often in the wine cooler industry. With a huge presence throughout Europe, they have nearly a 50% market share in the wine cooler industry in countries such as; Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary and so on. Due to their development across Europe and more recently America and Australia, the quality of their products has earned them the title: 'The Wine Cooling Expert'.

Freestanding or Built in Wine Cabinet

The Dunavox DX-143.468SS is a single temperature zone wine cabinet designed to be utilised as either a freestanding or a built in wine cabinet, meaning it can either stand a lone or have cabinets built around it to create a real feature in your kitchen, bar or restaurant. These models are suitable for both domestic and commercial settings and are a great alternative to Eurocave products and slightly more cost effective as well.

Kitchen - built in

The DX-143.468SS is part of the kitchen line from Dunavox and is a full height wine cabinet which features blue internal LED lighting strips, a digital temperature display and a Seamless stainless steel glass door which has a stainless handle to match. With 12 label view shelves on telescopic rails your bottles are easily accessible and visible - the spacing between the shelves allows for bottles as large as a standard 750mL Champagne bottle without scraping the labels off.

Wine Storage Compartment

This model has a capacity of 143 Bordeaux bottles with all of the shelves mounted and also has an internal operating temperature of between +5 and 22°C so is ideal for long term storage or can be used for one serving temperature if used in a restaurant or hotel. This is also one of the quietest full height units we supply with an operating noise of 44dB which comes from one of the most efficient compressors on the market - the Embraco speed controlled compressor.

Ideal Storage Conditions:

The DX-143.468SS is a great example of a long term storage cabinet which is very versatile and gives you the option of a high capacity but without having to stack bottles - which can be a pain when you actually want to find a bottle to drink. The wine cabinet is equipped with a charcoal filter, active humidity management of between 55-85% which is automatically regulated ensuring the cork does not dry out. The door is fully UV treated which means you can create a feature in your home or bar without the risk of any UV damage. An extra thick layer of insulation ensures a very reliable temperature management and low noise resonance.

High Quality Components

The large capacity models from Dunavox are some of the most robust and reliable units available on the market today. They have been developed over many years to the point where they are now just as reliable as a Eurocave and constructed from similar components. Dunavox know that poor quality components lead to noisy wine coolers, their products use the highest quality fans available to ensure there is no additional noise. Their ethos is to manufacture wine coolers that will last 10 to 15 years, with no expense spared when it comes to reliability. Dunavox offer a 3 year parts and labour warranty and 5 year on the compressor with all their Kitchen Line products which will help put your mind at rest.

Dunavox DX-143.468SS Specification:

- 655mm wide built in or freestanding wine cooler

- 143 Bottle Capacity (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)

- Single temperature zone

- Internal operating temperature: 5-22°C

- Noise level: 40.0dB

- Seamless stainless steel glass door with UV protection

- 12 label view shelves

- Lock and key

- Automatic humidity management: 55-85%

- Reversible door with stainless steel handle

- Blue LED lighting strips

- Lighting on/off function

- Digital temperature display (blue)

- Audible open door alarm

- Audible high temperature alarm

- Adjustable feet to level on uneven ground

- Temperature memory function in event of power cut

- Designed for built in or freestanding installation (do not block the vent)

- 3 year manufacturers warranty


Cooling system:

- Fan assisted cooling system for even temperature distribution

- Compressor driven which is mounted on vibration free mountings

- Automatic defrost


Performance and Consumption:

- Noise level: 40dB

- G Energy Class: 162kW/annum

- Climate Class: 'N,SN,T' (10-38°C)



- Height: 1835mm
- Width: 655mm
- Depth: 680mm

Weight: 108kg


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