Built in Wine Coolers - 600mm / 60cm

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Home Built in Wine Coolers - 600mm / 60cm
Home Built in Wine Coolers - 600mm / 60cm

600mm Built in wine coolers
Built in wine coolers with a width of 600mm are by far the most popular units in the built in and undercounter collection, with a standard width that matches a kitchen cabinet they are easy to incorporate into kitchen designs or existing kitchen lay outs.  Whether you're looking for a single or a dual temperature zone unit for reds and whites, we should have something to suit.

We have a great selection of Dunavox wine coolers in stainless steel, white and black, some even with the revolutionary feature of handleless operation with push to open technology.

Installation tips:
60cm wide built in coolers have a standard width of 59.5cm, which allows 0.25cm on either side of the wine cooler to allow the door/doors to open correctly.  This is also to allow any excess warm air to escape from above the wine cooler.   


Elite Wine Refrigeration only distributes products from specialist wine cooler companies and brands with a quality background, so you know your wines are in good hands.  We do this because they are constructed with much more care and attention and are less likely to break down.

Luxury wine coolers, single and dual temperature zones

The 600mm built in wine cooler is the most popular undercounter wine cooler due to its good bottle capacity and appealing aesthetics.  These units have an actual width of 595mm which will allow for 2.5mm either side of the wine cooler to ensure the door opens correctly without catching on the sides.  Our range of 600mm built in wine coolers are available in stainless steel or black with a full tinted glass door and a couple of manufacturers such as Liebherr provide a brushed stainless-steel option.

Handleless wine coolers with Push2Open technology

With the wine cooler market following kitchen trends, it was only a matter of time before some of the premium wine cooler manufacturers began working on their handleless units.  Our specialist manufacturers such as Dunavox and Liebherr have recently released their range of units which feature cutting edge Push2Open technology which is in keeping with the minimalistic and sophisticated handleless kitchen designs.

High energy efficiency and removable shelving

Our 600mm built in wine coolers are predominantly A energy rated with some of the older models being a B energy rating.  The latest technology is installed into all of the wine coolers we hold, which means they have interior lighting and shelves that can be easily removed for larger bottles. As with most wine coolers, the distance between the shelves is designed around a Bordeaux bottle and are made of beech wood – due to the hardiness of the wood and it doesn’t stain easily, however some manufacturers do use oak or even metal.

Installing a 600mm built in wine cooler

600mm wine coolers are designed as built in or undercounter units, however they are not limited to this installation.  Due to their glass door and black carcass they also look great as freestanding wine coolers, they can even be tucked neatly away into small corners as they have the required ventilation system that freestanding units don’t.  When installing a 600mm built in wine cooler, these units have two fans on the underside which create an air flow that brings in cool air and expels the warm air from the underneath of the wine cooler.  These fans are hidden behind the vent on the front, so when installing a plinth in front of this size wine cooler, it is very important to include a grill in the plinth to ensure the fans can adequately cool the compressor and evaporator.

Recently 600mm wine cooler have seen a new craze to ‘fully integrate’ the wine cooler, this means attaching a kitchen cabinet door to the front.  To do this, the door needs to be manufactured differently to ensure the hinges are strong enough support the weight of the cabinet door, there are wine coolers available on the market to do this, see IP industrie for more.