Avintage - 50 bottle Undercounter Wine Cooler - AVU53PREMIUM



The kitchen line from Avintage, new for 2021 - now available from EWR.

  • Energy Efficiency: 'A'
  • Annual Energy cost: £20.04*
  • Rated capacity: Max 50 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles)
  • Temperature settings: 5-12°C Upper, 12-20°C Lower
  • 2 year warranty
  • Dimensions: Height: 81.5cm, Width: 59.5cm, Depth: 57cm
  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland : Approx. 10 working days

    🚚 Lead Time for R.O.I kerbside: Approx. 10-14 working days

Avintage - 50 Bottle Undercounter Wine Cooler - AVU53PREMIUM- Black

Avintage are a French manufacturer of wine cabinets who have been producing their wine cabinets since the late 1990's, just after Eurocave started. They were amongst the first companies to enter into the industry and since then have developed a reputation for reliable and robust storage cabinets but also produce a range of products designed for installations with a kitchen setting.

Undercounter wine cooler

The AVU53PREMIUM is an undercounter wine cooler designed to fit into a niche width of 60cm with kitchen cabinets built around it.  The product is front venting which means the cool air is drawn in via the vent at the front in order to cool the compressor and avoid overheating.  The interior is lit by white LED lighting and has a tinted glass, handleless door which has an integrated handle at the top - allowing the clean lines of any kitchen to continue around the whole room.  

Interior and Capacity

The AVU53PREMIUM has a maximum capacity of 50 bottles (see bottle loading options below), 16 stored in the top section and 34 stored in the lower section of the unit.  With a wide operating temperature of 5-20°C - the top section can be programmed to 5-10°C and the lower section can be set to between 10-20°C making the top suitable for reds and upper for white wines.

The premium model features a fully handle-less door with door opening system by touching the top corner, it also has upgraded shelves which allow you to store bottles both horizontally and pointing backwards - this creates a great feature in any kitchen.

Efficiency, noise level and other features

The Avintage units cool via fan assisted cooling which allows them to maintain a much more even temperature throughout the whole unit, equipped with a powerful compressor to ensure the temperature is maintained efficiently.  The AVU53PREMIUM is an A rated appliance, using only 145 kWh per year, making it very energy efficient.  The compressor this unit uses is also quiet with a normal output of 41dB which means it won't intrude on day to day living.

Avintage AVU53PREMIUM Specification:

- 60cm/600mm undercounter wine cooler

- MAX 50 Bottle Capacity, 16 in to top and 34 in the bottom (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles, larger bottles may require a shelf removing.)

- With 4 multi-position shelves arrangement classique : 50 bottles* With 4 multi-position shelves and 1 presentation shelf 

 - Classic head-to-tail storage: 38 bottles With 4 multi-position shelves and 1 presentation shelf 

- Lateral storage with upfront labels: 34 bottles

- Internal operating temperature: 5-12°C upper, 12-20°C lower

- Noise level: 39.0dB

- Tinted black glass door with UV protection - integrated door handle

- Automatic humidity management: 55-85%

- Reversible door 

- White LED lighting

- Lighting on/off function

- Digital temperature display (white)

- Adjustable feet for different counter top heights (6.5cm)

- Designed for undercounter use (install a grille in the plinth)

- 2 year manufacturers warranty (Part/Labour)

 - Plumbing passage as the rear


Cooling system:

- Fan assisted cooling system for even temperature distribution

- Compressor driven which is mounted on vibration free mountings

- Automatic defrost


Performance and Consumption:

- Noise level: 41dB

- A Energy Class: 145kW/annum



- Height: 815mm
- Width: 595mm
- Depth: 570mm

Weight: 46kg


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