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Home Wine Cellar Conditioning Units

Cellar conditioning units are ideal for the wine connoisseur, restaurant, hotel who have a room available that could be used solely for the storage of wine.

A conditioning unit acts like a normal wine cabinet/cooler in that it regulates the temperature of the room by adjusting the ambient temperature to ensure the wine stays at the set temperature which encourages the ageing process.

Elite Wine's range of conditioning units are from Fondis who are one of the leading manufacturers in the wine cellar conditioning industry.  They offer a range of units which bring a range of installation types to the market which allow you to design your wine cellar around the interior and exterior of your property.

With the option of freestanding, wall mounted and split level units to pick from you can also decide just how much wine you want to store with units available from 15m3 right up to 100m3.

Installing a wine room in your property can be a daunting task and therefore we welcome any questions or if you require more information - please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

You can also find a list of the full specifications of the conditioning units we stock here: Conditioning unit specifications