Why Is My Climadiff Wine Fridge Leaking Water?

Climadiff builds some of the highest-quality wine refrigeration units around the world and is one of the most recognisable names in the business.

There are always, however, some ways in which your wine cooler can malfunction such as leaking a large amount of water or not cooling properly.

Luckily, this tends to not be a major issue in most cases as it is usually caused by other factors such as condensation, excessive moisture or even your wine itself.

Throughout this blog post, we are going to be outlining some of the key reasons why your wine fridge may be leaking water and what you can do to stop this in the future.


Check Your Cooler

The first action you should take is to definitively find the source of what is causing the leak in your wine cooler by looking around the front, back and inside before taking any measures to get it fixed.

This will allow you to find out what to target when reading through the rest of this blog post and making your fixes without struggling later on to find it.

More often than not, your cooler is not broken when it leaks water and simply has a build-up of moisture or condensation that it cannot contain (which we will elaborate on later).

Despite this, checking all around your wine fridge will allow you to identify the issue immediately and you can decide whether you will be needing professional help or not.


Condensation Build Up

As with many types of fridges or coolers of any kind, condensation can build up inside the cabin and cause the warm air from outside the fridge to turn from water vapour to liquid.

This can occur in a number of different ways from opening the door too often to a broken or out-of-place seam in the door that is allowing cold air to escape and warm air to enter.

Solving this can be simple, all you have to do is wipe away the water from the floor and door of the wine cooler with a towel and ensure the door is closed properly for a few days to let the internal temperature of the wine cabinet settle.

In future, integrated and built-in wine cooler owners should ensure that the air vent is not blocked and freestanding wine cooler owners should ensure that there is an ample amount of airflow and space around the back of the unit.


Drain Pipe Blockage

Most wine coolers come with a pre-installed drain pipe in order to be able to deal with some of the inevitable condensations that will build up in any wine fridge, however, it is possible for these to become blocked or overflowed.

If you find that you do, in fact, have a blocked drain pipe then do not fear as this is a rather simple process to amend.

You will need to take a cotton bud or a similar utensil and remove any blockage or excess liquid from the drain pipe, this should enable it to resume its proper working function as before.


Broken Door Seal

When making your initial checks around your wine cooler, make sure to look around the edges of your seal to ensure that your door seal is not damaged and has gaps.

This can lead to warm air from the inside of your house getting inside the wine cabinet and creating more condensation than the cooler is designed to be able to cope with.

If you can feel a slight draft escaping from your wine fridge, this is a clear sign of something wrong with your door seal.

This can mean it is either broken or positioned poorly, depending on which you find you can simply reposition the door seal or use adhesive to ensure that there are no gaps in the frame.


Reset The Temperature Of Your Wine Cooler

If you are struggling with answers on why there is water leaking from your wine fridge, it may be a useful trick to simply reset the temperature of your cooler.

It is possible that the internal temperature of your cabinet has gotten too hot or too cold and has produced excessive amounts of condensation and therefore would cause it to leak water.

Resetting this and leaving it for a little while is a great way to try to stop this from happening in the future and will reduce the build-up of condensation from within your fridge.

You can ensure that your fridge is at the indicated temperature by placing a cup of water inside the fridge with a thermometer and check on this every couple of hours to ensure that the temperature is correct and consistent.


Overfilling Your Fridge

Another rather common problem is that many people tend to overfill their fridge past the allotted wine capacity number stated by the manufacturer.

While it may seem that you can fit in a few more bottles of wine, the manufacturer has set a limit for a reason, and this is usually why.

With the added wine bottles in your wine refrigerator, it is not designed to deal with this amount of condensation and can lead to one of our previously mentioned problems, an overflowing drain pipe.

This can be a simple fix but may be initially challenging as it means that you will be required to find a temporary wine storage solution for the excess bottles until you have space inside your wine cooler for them.


Contact The Manufacturers

The final thing that you can always consider if none of the above seems to be the issue with your Climadiff wine fridge is to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

This should always be treated as a last resort as some manufacturers can take their time to get back in touch due to their busy schedules and if your issue turns out to be something you could have fixed yourself without the need for waiting, this can be very inconvenient for yourself and the manufacturers themselves.

If your issue is worthy of professional attention, this can be a rather expensive process too as payments for mechanics can be very excessive compared to the issue that you have had, making it even more important to see if you can make the fix yourself first.

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