Why Is My Avintage Wine Fridge Beeping?

A beeping wine fridge can be very frustrating, especially when you can’t get it to stop. If you’ve had a long day returning back from work or you’ve been awoken to a sudden beeping sound and you’ve noticed it’s coming from your Avintage wine fridge, it can ruin your day.

This can lead you to think about how long this has been beeping. Are my bottles of wine okay? Is my wine fridge broken? And more importantly, when will it stop?

A beeping wine fridge can happen for a certain number of reasons and some are easily solvable.

You shouldn’t be worried about the condition of your wine bottles as there is most likely no damage to them. Some problems may be a bit more complex and it will require you to reach out to a specialist in order to resolve the issue.

Today we are going to look at some of the most common reasons why your Avintage wine fridge is beeping and some solutions you can take in order to stop your wine fridge from beeping today.

If your Avintage wine fridge is still beeping after trying these solutions then we recommend that you reach out to your supplier who can assist you further with the problem.


Your Wine Fridge Is Overheating

Your Avintage wine fridge can overheat for several different reasons. Two of the main reasons could include your wine fridge overworking due to the surrounding environment being either too hot or too cold, or your vents being blocked due to your fridge being positioned too close to a wall or around other appliances. Your vents could also be clogged over time due to debris, dust and more getting into them.

If the reason is that your wine fridge isn’t placed in the right environment, you should find a new area where you can place it so it doesn’t have to overwork causing it to overheat.

If it is due to your vents being blocked, again you should position your freestanding wine fridge in a manner where it has enough space from the wall so it can ventilate correctly.

To clean your wine fridge vents, get a cloth and remove any dust, debris and more that you can see that could be causing it to be clogged.


Your Wine Fridge Is Tilting

Your Avintage wine cabinet was designed to be placed at a perfect level and not tilting or off-balance. If you’ve noticed that your wine fridge is uneven and it shakes when you open the door, this could be causing your wine fridge to beep as a warning.

When your wine fridge is tilted and prone to shaking, your wine bottles will be affected - and it can cause unwanted chemical reactions. The last thing that we want is for our wine bottles to spoil before we crack them open, especially if you’ve invested a lot of money into them.

To stop this from happening, you should reposition your wine fridge in a manner where it is perfectly level and not tilting in any direction. Once it is perfectly level, the beeping should cease.


You Left The Door Open

One of the most simple reasons why your wine fridge may start beeping is due to the door being left open or the seals on the doors being damaged through overuse - meaning that the wine fridge doors can not shut properly causing a beeping sound to alert you that it is not shut.

While it may sound a bit like ‘turn it off and on again’, this happens more times than you think. If your wine fridge door is not sealed properly, then will not be able to keep the internal temperature that is required to cool your wine bottles correctly - thus, causing your wine fridge to start beeping as it recognises a problem.


The Door Seals Are Worn Out

If you have had your Avintage wine cabinet for an extended period of time, there is a high chance that you have used it quite frequently - whether that’d be to grab a chilled bottle at the end of a stressful work week or to store your new bottles of wine in.

This can cause your door seals to become worn out over time. Much like any appliance, wine fridges are prone to certain failures over time when used.

Damaged door seals can cause cool air to leak out which means that your wine fridge will begin to work twice as hard to keep the temperature cool.

This can cause your wine fridge to begin beeping to let you know there is a problem. You will have to contact a specialist to come and replace your door seals with new ones to stop the beeping.


Your Wine Fridge Is Overstocked

While it can be tempting to add a few more bottles into your wine fridge to store them, and you may think ‘it can’t make that much of a difference’, Avintage wine fridges are designed to only hold a certain number of wine bottles.

If you start to overstock your wine fridge and exceed the bottle capacity, it can start to affect the temperature inside the wine fridge.

To easily solve this problem, take out the wine bottles that could be causing it to beep and safely store them in a place until you have the capacity.


Your Wine Fridge Ventilation Is Clogged

Another example of your wine fridge being overheated is due to your ventilation system being blocked, which is crucial when it comes to storing bottles of wine.

You can fix this problem by taking everything out and beginning to start cleaning your wine fridge from top and bottom, then reset it and see if the beeping continues.


There Are Items Placed On Top

Throughout everyday life, we place items on top of certain objects. You may think that placing your laundry basket on top of your wine cooler is harmless - however, the unfortunate fact is that you should not place anything on top of your wine cooler.

Wine fridges need space above them in order for hot air to escape and placing certain objects on top of your wine fridge can cause it to beep. Remove any items off the top of your Avintage wine fridge and see if the beeping stops.

If your Avintage wine fridge has stopped cooling, we can help - check out our blogs or contact our support team today. 

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