What is a Homemade Wine Cabinet?

Wine cabinets will always play a pivotal role in the evolution of storing wine and are a perfect alternative to wine racks. Wine cabinets have key features for both short and long-term storage of bottles of wine.

Storing and serving wine in its optimal form is imperative for creating the best drinking experience possible. Wine cabinets make this possible via their functional, yet classy features.

But what are wine cabinets and how are they used? Can you create your own so you don’t have to purchase one? Read along to find out more!


What are Wine Cabinets Used For?

When looking to store your wine with the highest effectiveness - investing in a wine cabinet will be the best solution for storing all your wine storing plans. Using your normal fridge as a placeholder for your wine should not be the go-to option as they often alternate in temperature due to the fridge door being opened and closed constantly.

On the other hand, wine cabinets (whether it be a freestanding model or built-in) can maintain a constant temperature which will always offer the best environment for your bottled wine. Many crafts and versions of wine cabinets have a controlled lighting system, heating and cooling functions and are vibration-free.

This means that the temperature of your wine can be changed based on the wine it is - due to some types being optimal at different temperatures from others.

Within the decor of your household you may have a certain aesthetic, colour or model that you prefer and with the several amounts of wine cabinets available in today’s market - we ensure that you will find one that suits your eye.

Single and dual zone wine cabinets are also available. The main purpose of these is so your different types of wine with different optimal temperatures can be stored in separate parts of the wine cabinet at slightly contrasting temperatures. You will be able to make that decision on whether you need a dual zone wine cooler depending on your need for different temperature settings regarding the wine to be stored.


Different Types of Wine Cabinets

As we’ve discussed briefly, there are a few types of wine cabinets that you can look at buying when looking at ideas for wine storage in your household. Here are the different types of cabinets:


Single Temperature Wine Cabinets

All-in-one temperature wine cabinets are ideal for you wine enthusiasts just looking to store away a few bottles of wine you’re keen to drink. This wine cooler maintains one single temperature and will always be worthy for the long-term storage of your wine bottles.

These models, unlike a wine rack, come in dissimilar ranges - with all kinds of shapes and sizes. For example, wine cabinets can fit underneath your countertop or a freestanding model can be installed also. Whatever your projects are for your storage, there will be an option for you. With each, there will also be a model that comes with different capacities and space for the number of bottles you have.


2/3 Temperature Wine Cabinets

For the more advanced and larger wine collections - these wine cabinets can provide 2 or even 3 different temperatures for your vino. Whatever style you choose to go with - these wine cabinets will provide you with perfect environments for white wines, red wines or roses.

The temperature not only depends on the wine you have - but how long you’re going to store your wine in the cabinet. This is why the versatility of the ⅔ wine cabinet is extremely popular with wine connoisseurs!


Multi-Temperature Wine Cabinets

As you can imagine, multi-temperature zones offer multiple different temperature zones for all your wine chilling needs. This fine piece of technology is ideal for extensive wine collections and will offer you optimal long-term wine storage options.

Depending on what brands you go with for design and style - these multi-temperature wine cabinets can vary from each brand you look at. Breaking up the sections for each type of wine is possible with this type of wine cabinet - due to these functional and practical features within the craft.


Can You Make a Homemade Wine Cabinet?

You may have had a premonition that you can just make a homemade DIY wine cabinet with a bunch of materials and technologies - but as you may imagine, it is pretty impossible to do. A full homemade wine cabinet would need not only a lot of different types of wood - but if you would want to make sure the wine stays cool, you would need a cooling system installed.

To make this all on your own without any technology or machines - or knowledge of how to structure a wine cabinet, which is difficult when you get into the logistics of it all.

Many people make the mistake of getting wine cabinets and wine racks mixed up with each other - when they’re dissimilar in a few areas. For example, with a wine rack you can get them in extremely small sizes - meaning that if you’re talented within the woodworking industry, you may be able to make wine racks yourself.

Whereas, on average, wine cabinets are a lot bigger and more complicated than wine racks. Most wine cabinets as we’ve discussed previously allow you to store your wine at certain temperatures - whereas, wine racks have no environmental control available.

For example, wine racks have no protection against sunlight, vibrations, humidity, etc unless you implement something into the wine rack that helps with these damaging factors.

On the other hand, wine cabinets are often more expensive than wine racks due to these environmental and storage options. Depending on your capacity of wine bottles in your household should help you decide whether you need a wine rack or a wine cabinet.

If you’re less fussy and only have a couple of bottles of wine - then a wine rack would make more sense. However, if you’re a serious wine enthusiast, then click here to see what may be the best option for your collection!

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