Under Stairs Wine Storage

What do you keep under the stairs? Most people have a lot of empty room there with no idea what to do with it.

We recommend that you take advantage of that space for storage. There are plenty of different options for understairs wine storage.


Why Store Wine Under The Stairs?

The space under your stairs is almost always empty. It’s a good spot for storage because it’s usually in an out-of-the-way place and it isn’t seen by anyone unless you like them to see it.

If you don’t mind showing off your collection, then having a wine rack under the stairs is a great idea.


How To Store Wine Under The Stairs

There are a few different ways that you can use under the stairs storage for your wines.

The first is to build a wine rack with actual wine racks in it. You can buy these models from many places, including our website.

The other option is to find an existing model or built-in wine rack and then build shelves over it.

You can place the shelves further back than you would with an ordinary refrigerator and still use them for storing bottles.

This option is a good one if you have an actual wine rack built in at the bottom of your stairs.

You can add shelves without ruining the look of your home. You can get creative with this idea and build an entire wine cellar or basement under your staircase.

This is a large project that will require some work, but it could be worth it for showing off your collection to guests.

This type of build might be a good idea if you’re looking for an ultimate way to show off your collection to friends and family.


More Than Storage

Keeping a wine rack or having a full wine cellar is more than storage for your wine collection.

The idea behind the wine cellar is that you should keep wine at a lower temperature when in storage.

Cool and chilled wine tastes much better. Colder temperatures are naturally found the lower you go.

The basement or cellar is often the naturally coldest room in the house.

It makes sense to consider storing wine in the basement because of that, but there’s something missing when you keep bottles in the basement.

What you’re missing is the element of display and show. You miss out on the chance to showcase your collection and impress people.

Wine is one of the more exclusive products, like art and other interior decorations.

These items all define your home and they highlight who you are as a person.

Having a wine collection tells people that you are a wine connoisseur and you want to share that with guests.

Don’t worry if you want to keep your wine in the basement but still want to show it off. We have all the wine storage solution options you need.


Installing A Wine Cooler Under the Stairs

There is one small problem that comes with installing a wine rack under your stairs – you don’t have as much control over the temperature as you would with other options.

Of course, we have the solution to the problem in the form of wine coolers.

Wine coolers are designed specifically for storing wine bottles at cool temperatures.

These wine coolers come in all shapes and sizes. They have different features depending on your needs so you can find the best model for your needs.

We are sure that you can find the best wine cooler for you in our collection.

There are some differences between a standard refrigerator and a dedicated wine cooler.

That’s why you need to invest in a proper cooler. For a start, the shelves in wine coolers are different from your standard fridge shelves.

The shelves are designed for holding and storing wine bottles specifically.

You should have no problem taking bottles out or putting new bottles in without having to move other bottles around.

The shelves keep the bottles firmly in place. One problem with storing bottles in a refrigerator is that they can move about.

That’s not an issue with a wine cooler. Another benefit of choosing a dedicated wine cooler is that they have two-zone temperature control.

This is an interesting feature that lets you choose two different temperatures for the cooler.

You have one temperature in the top half and another at the bottom half.

Another issue with wine storage is that different wines require different storage temperatures.

Having this much precise control over your cooler temperature gives you more options for finding, collecting, and storing wine in the ideal environment.

Having a 2-zone wine cooler means that your unique wines are stored at the perfect temperature.


How Much Space Do You Need?

It depends on the size of your collection. Just like any other wine storage idea, your collection will affect the size of the wine rack that you need.

The space under your stairs is usually much more spacious than the space behind a fridge in the kitchen.

The good news about this type of storage system is that it’s very affordable.

You don’t have to spend thousands on an expensive system designed for storing wine bottles at extreme temperatures.

This system can be made from wood or metal, which makes it very inexpensive too.

Our team are waiting to hear from you and would love to advise you on how and where to store wine to preserve your impressive collection.

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