Summer Has Arrived, Is Now the Perfect Time To Invest in a Wine Chiller?

Summer is the ideal time to purchase a wine cooler, the consumption of cool beverages, specifically alcoholic ones, by nearly 25% during the Summer months.

Why? The warm weather and people going on holiday encourages people to relax and especially with people living in the UK, who love their beer and wine – increase their alcohol consumption.

With the warmer months you will often find your fridge is fuller with BBQ food or food for gatherings you may be having or going to. 

A wine chiller frees up this space at a reasonable price - and in most cases, the way a wine chiller delivers the cool air to the fridge means it is far more efficient and more likely to keep your wines at your desired serving temperature.

The way a normal refrigerator delivers the cool air is through a process called direct cooling.

This effectively means the cool air is introduced by a couple of vents at the back of the fridge.

There is no real method of spreading the cool air evenly throughout the inside of the fridge, so the idea is just to simply dump as much cool air as possible into the fridge as possible at regular intervals.

A wine chiller uses a method of cooling called fan assisted cooling. This basically means the cool air is distributed evenly throughout the wine chiller via a set of fans which run when the compressor runs and usually for a short period after the compressor shuts down.

This then creates a much more even distribution of cool air within the wine chiller – meaning the wines are kept at a more constant serving temperature whilst using less energy to do so.

Summer often encourages retailers to offer wine chillers on heavily discounted deals as well, since they are relatively seasonal there is always a big push to sell as many as possible during the summer months when the demand is much higher than winter.

Elite Wine have an extensive range of freestanding wine chillers which are ideal for serving temperatures and have a variety of capacities depending on the amount of wine, type of wine and amount you wish to spend.  Find out more here.

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