EXPO SRL - Our Bespoke Wine Wall Manufacturer.

Elite Wine Refrigeration recently expanded our product line to include wine walls, which are refrigerated units designed to display your wine in a way that ordinary wine coolers or wine cabinets can't.

We thought it would be a good idea to introduce our new partner that produces the wine walls for our customers to give you a little bit of background information on what they do and how long they have been doing it for.


EXPO are a bespoke manufacturer based in Italy, not too far away from Milan - they have been producing their products for quite some years now and are the market leader in this sector.

Their main focus is on wine walls and wine displays but they also have the ability to produce Salami and cheese fridges for high end delicatessens. 

They produce their wine walls from the highest quality components meaning they are built to last both commercial and domestic environments.

EXPO Home Line

The home line was a new introduction to the product range and was introduced to help spread the demand for wine wall displays into home residences.

EXPO saw that more and more of their wine walls were being installed in private residences but their wine displays were designed for commercial settings, such as restaurants.  

EXPO now use much quieter running gear for the 'home line' which has reduced the noise output substantially and also added a few additional extras like charcoal filters as they may be used more for storage as opposed to serving temperatures.

The home line is constructed from four products, designed for different installation types depending on the space you have available and how many units you wish to create your display out of.

Most of the units come in three different sizes, which are differentiated by letters:

H - is the shallow depth line

M - is the standard depth but with only one side with glass doors

C - is the standard depth again but this time with glass doors either side so you can access the wines from both sides

The different ranges available in the EXPO home line are:

TECA VINO: This is a freestanding line of wine walls designed for spaces that have plenty of ventilation space around them - the frame can be interchanged with a snap on system

TECA-B: This is a built in line of wine walls that is designed to be fitted into alcoves or cabinetry so that the wine wall has a seamless finish on the outside.

MOD 10/20: Are freestanding wine walls again but this time have the ability to be joined together and have various frames built around them to create a whole wine wall display.

Quadra Vino: Is a smaller wine display option that is effectively a refrigerated picture frame suitable for either 1, 3, 4 or 5 bottles of wine and is also available on the Professional line.

EXPO Professional Line

The professional line is the original range of wine walls that EXPO produced these are very robust and designed to be able to withstand the demands of a busy restaurant, hotel or cafe.

The professional line is composed of six different models which again are designed to match the different space requirements and the overall look you are going for.

PARETE VINO: A modular wine wall system that is designed to be built in and is available with a smaller set of units so that you can build a whole wall of refrigerated units.

TECA VINO: As with the home line, this is a freestanding wine wall designed for commercial settings

TECA-B: Designed to be built into alcoves or cabinets to create a seamless finish

TECA-M: A modular design for units that can be joined together

Modulo-D: A smaller, modular unit

What Options Are There?

The wine walls a bespoke item that are manufactured to order based on the customers requirements, there are so many options available its hard to list but EXPO have tried to cater their range of wine walls to cover as many potential requirements as possible

Some of the options available are:

- 3 different lighting options

- 4 different types of shelving to choose from

- An enormous amount of colours to pick from for the frames

- Thin or thick frames depending on the look you are after

- Option to have the whole internal frame powder coated in black

The options available are amazing and the finish that is produced on the final product is extremely high quality. 

Elite Wine's Free Wine Wall Design Service

We have recently started a wine wall design service which is headed up by Cherry who is our wine wall expert, with a history in the kitchen design sector she has had the previous experience in design that puts her in a good position to design your perfect wine wall!

The design service can be done remotely or if required Cherry will visit your property as some units to require specific installation requirements and they need to be attached to the wall for stability so we will need to perform a site survey.

We know that wine walls and wine display systems can be an extremely difficult topic to understand which is why we want to work with you on it, not only does it make it easier for us but we have a much better chance of producing the perfect wine wall for you!

Should you be looking for a higher capacity display unit, either our WLB460FLD or DX-143 designs are the best to go for. Each design is made with excellence, manufactured with quality materials that are reliable and made to last. Whether it be for your home or commercial space, either Swisscave or Dunavox offer an array of ideal wine storage units. 

Both Swisscave and Dunavox are both wine cooler brands that we stock here at Elite Wine Refrigeration - not only are their designs perfect for a variety of different spaces, but they come with a multitude of key features and benefits.

Feel free to get in touch today to discuss your glass display for your wine!

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