How To Fix My Liebherr Wine Cooler

When deciding to purchase a brand new wine cooler, it can be very difficult to decide which brand you wish to choose. The likelihood is that one of your options is Liebherr as they are one of the best wine cooler brands in the world.

Liebherr have been designing amazing wine coolers and supplying customers with wine cabinets of all kinds to customers across the globe.

They are experts in crafting the perfect integrated and freestanding wine coolers for any occasion or circumstance, aiming to please customers of all kinds.

There are, however, a number of ways in which any wine cooler can go wrong such as it beginning to leak water or even not being able to turn on at all.

Throughout this blog, we are going to be discussing some of the most common failings that many people have with Liebherr wine coolers and what you can do to try to fix these issues.


Liebherr Wine Coolers

Liebherr is definitely one of the most premium and high-quality wine cooler brands in the world as they provide wonderfully crafted wine storage options for all kinds of white and red wine.

Single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers offer the perfect storage conditions for your wine and Liebherr have been experts at building such units for many years now.

Despite their esteemed reputation and top-notch quality, there are still always going to be things that can go wrong in the mechanism.

Continue reading to find out about the main issues you may face and what you should do to fix them.


Is Your Liebherr Wine Cooler Leaking Water?

If you have come to find your wine cooler in a state in which it is beginning to leak water then you need not worry too much, there are plenty of potential solutions for you to try before calling in for a mechanic.

The main reason why your wine cooler may be leaking is usually because of an excessive amount of condensation building up inside the cabin so much so that the drain pipe is unable to cope with it properly.

One of the most common causes for this is that many people tend to overfill their wine fridges and exceed the total number of recommended bottles inside their cooler at any given time.

Each wine bottle that you store will have a certain amount of condensation that will come off of it making the total bottle capacity important to not overload the drainpipe with excess condensation.

To solve your leaking issue, you will simply need to wipe up any water that has spilt onto the floor and remove the additional bottles of wine from inside your cabinet. Then you will need to find a new, temporary storage location for them in the meantime.

Another reason why your wine cooler may be producing an excess of condensation to cause it to leak is that you may be opening the door to your wine fridge too frequently or for too long which can cause more hot air to meet the cold air from inside the cabinet causing condensation to form.


Is Your Liebherr Wine Cooler Not Turning On?

When coming to find that your wine cooler is not turning on properly then there is no need to panic, there are plenty of different ways that you can try to fix it without needing a technician.

The first thing that you should check is that your wine cooler is plugged into the mains and is receiving an ample amount of power to run your cooler.

While sounding like a relatively simple thing for you to do, it is much more common than many people think and is one of the most common causes of this issue that there is. It is also incredibly important to ensure that this is not your issue before moving on to another potential fix.

The next thing you should bring your attention to is whether your thermostat is working correctly as this is one of the most important components inside the entire fridge.

This is because it is solely responsible for the workings of other components such as the evaporator, the condenser and the fan inside the mechanism.

In order to make sure that this is working properly, you can take a small cup of water and place a thermometer in it, then place this inside the cabin of the wine cooler for a few hours before returning to check the reading.

If your thermometer is reading a different temperature than the thermostat then this is most definitely going to be the cause of your issue, if this is the case then you will need to get this part replaced as soon as possible to ensure your wine cooler has returned to its original working order.


Is Your Liebherr Wine Cooler Not Cooling Properly?

If you have come to notice that your wine cooler is not cooling the stored wine correctly then there is no need to panic, there are many different solutions for you to try here too.

When coming to find that your cooler is not cooling properly it can be very concerning at first however this can happen because of a few different things depending on the type of wine cooler that you own.

For example, if you own a thermoelectric wine cooler, you may want to check that it is not stored in an incredibly hot room as they’re required to be stored in cool environments.

On the other hand, compressor wine coolers have an evaporator fan that negates the aforementioned issue so you will not need to worry about that in these sorts of wine coolers.

In a compressor cooler, the main thing you will need to look out for is the fan becoming blocked or dirty which prevents it from spinning properly.

To solve this issue, simply remove the fan and wipe it down gently with a soft cloth to ensure that you do not damage the fan itself, when you put it back, you should notice that your wine cooler is back in working order!

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