How To Fix My Vestfrost Wine Cooler

When buying a brand new wine cooler, the chances are that you’re looking at a wide range of different brands wondering which will be best for you.

If so, Vestfrost may be the answer you’re looking for! They are experts in building luxurious wine coolers of all kinds from freestanding to integrated wine fridges that can be delivered to all areas of the world.

As with any machine of this kind, there are always a few things that may go wrong no matter the reliability of the brand you are buying from.

Throughout this blog we are going to be discussing some of the most common faults that people tend to come across when finding their Vestfrost wine cooler is not working properly.


Vestfrost Wine Fridges

As we mentioned before, Vestfrost is one of the most beloved brands in the wine cooling industry and has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality wine fridges of all kinds to all sorts of people.

This guarantee in reliability is what has led so many people to continue buying from Vestfrost’s wide range of great wine cabinets and revisit when they need a new one.

While this is all true, their products are not completely faultless. Various problems such as water leakage, failure to turn on and not cooling wine properly can all still plague these machines even with the proper maintenance measures being followed.

Luckily, there are a number of small fixes that you can try before you enlist the help of a technician or mechanical engineer to save yourself a lot of money in the long term.

Continue reading to find out more about these issues and what can be done to solve them from your home.


Leaking Water

If you have noticed that your wine cooler has begun leaking water then this can be a very worrying time for you, but don’t panic! This could be caused by a great number of things that you can easily fix from the comfort of your own home.

The main reason why this tends to happen is that there is a build-up of condensation on the inside of the cabin that the drainpipe simply cannot handle.

This can be caused by a great number of factors, the most common being an overfilled wine fridge. Many people when buying their first wine cooler are prone to overfilling their fridge with every bottle or beverage that they have which can cause these leaks.

In the manufacturer's guide of the wine cooler, they will give you recommendations as to how many wine bottles you should store in your fridge at any given time, this is the maximum capacity of the cooler.

If this number is exceeded, then it can cause more unnecessary condensation to naturally occur inside the cabin of the wine cooler thus causing the overflowing drainpipe and the leak.

To solve this problem, you will need to simply wipe up any leaks that have dripped onto the floor and remove any excess wine bottles that you have in your cabinet and find a new, temporary, storage solution for them in the meantime.

Another potential reason why these leaks may be happening is that you are keeping your door open for too long or opening it too often.

This can cause more condensation to build inside the cabin due to more warm air getting inside, thus causing your leak.


Not Turning On

When you have discovered that your wine cooler is not turning on properly, this can be very initially concerning but you have no reason to fear just yet! Try some of these tips below before you contact the manufacturer or a mechanic.

The first thing you should check is a rather obvious yet common fault that many people seem to have when their wine cooler is not turning on: you should check that the cord is plugged in properly and that the cooler is receiving an ample amount of power from the mains.

While initially sounding simple, it is important to completely eliminate this possibility from your mind when you come to try more ambitious fixes.

The second thing you should make sure of is that your thermostat is working properly as this is possibly the most important component in any wine cooler.

To check that this is working, you can take a cup of water and place a thermometer inside before leaving it in the cabin of your wine cooler for a few hours.

When you return, if the thermometer and thermostat are not reading the same temperature, then this will be your issue.

A fault like this will require the part to be completely replaced before it can be returned to its perfect working condition. When replaced, you should find that your wine cooler is able to turn on again.


Not Cooling Properly

If your wine cooler is not cooling properly then there are a few simple solutions that you can try out to see if they solve your issue.

The fixes that you will be able to try will differ depending on the type of wine cooler that you own, this is because thermoelectric and compressor wine coolers have different components that can have different faults.

In a thermoelectric wine cooler, you will need to be aware of the temperature of the room that you have placed it in, if the environment is too hot around them then this can cause them to not cool your wine very well.

If you have a compressor cooler, however, they have evaporator fans which negate this issue and keep the cabinet and mechanism cool as a whole no matter the environment in which they are placed.

The issue with these types of coolers that you will need to look out for is that the fan can very easily become blocked with dust, dirt or debris which will require you to remove the fan and gently wipe it with a soft cloth to remove all of this blockage.

When you have done so and returned it into position, you should find that your wine cooler begins to cool your wine as it should.

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