How To Fix My Avintage Wine Cooler

Avintage are experts in supplying their customers with beautifully crafted wine refrigeration units of all kinds from thermoelectric dual zone wine coolers to compressor wine fridges.

While these wine coolers are all top of the range when it comes to reliability, there are always a number of things that can go wrong with an Avintage wine fridge, as with any type of machine.

These issues can range from leaking water to not turning on at all, both of which have some relatively minor causes and easy fixes for you to try out before calling for the help of a mechanic.

Throughout this blog, we are going to be discussing some of the ways in which your Avintage wine cooler may be malfunctioning and what you can do to prevent this in the future.


Avintage Wine Coolers

For many years, Avintage has been among the highest-quality wine cabinet manufacturers in the world and has earned i spot as one of the most trusted brands in the business.

They offer a wide range of freestanding wine fridges and integrated wine coolers that are ready for installation wherever they are needed.

Because of this assured safety and reliability, it can be incredibly worrying when some things do begin to go wrong in one way or another.

Continue reading to find out some of the causes of the most common issues faced by wine cooler owners all across the world when it comes to malfunctions in their mechanisms.


Is Your Avintage Wine Fridge Leaking Water?

One of the most common problems that wine coolers have is that they can begin to leak water for one reason or another. There are a number of possible causes that you should look out for when trying to fix this issue.

One of these issues is that there is a build-up of excess condensation on the inside of the cabin that the drainpipe is unable to deal with properly as it exceeds the amount of water that it is designed for.

This excess condensation can be, in itself, caused by a great variety of things - the most common being overfilling your wine fridge with extra wine bottles that exceed the recommended amount stated in the manufacturer’s guide.

When you buy your wine cooler, you will find that there is a selection of recommendations that you should follow including the number of wine bottles that the fridge can store at any given moment.

All you will need to do to stop the leak in this circumstance is to wipe up the water surrounding your wine cooler and remove any excess bottles you have stored in your wine fridge - you’ll need to find a brand new storage space for these in the meantime.

Before assuming anything, you should also make sure that there is nothing inside your wine cooler that may be causing the leak such as a malfunctioning component or perhaps inconsistent temperatures.


Is Your Avintage Wine Cooler Not Turning On?

If you ever come to find that your wine cooler is not turning on then this could spell a much more serious issue that could require the help of a mechanic to replace a specific component.

Before this step, however, there are a number of things you can try to see if your wine cooler is completely unfixable or if there is a simple small issue that needs to be addressed.

One reason why your wine fridge may not be turning on properly is that you should make sure that your wine cooler is plugged into the mains correctly and is receiving an ample amount of power.

While this sounds very simple and too easy for you to forget, it is important that you are able to completely eliminate this as a possibility before you move on to more fixes.

Another thing you should check when your wine cooler is not turning on properly is that your thermostat is working properly. It is important to make sure that this is working as it is solely responsible for the workings of multiple parts inside the wine fridge.

To check if this is your issue, you can take a cup of water with a thermometer and place it inside the cabinet of your wine fridge. Then you should return after a few hours and check the readings on both the thermostat and thermometer.

If they are reading something completely different, then this will definitely be your issue and you will need to have this completely replaced or repaired by a mechanical engineer.


Is Your Avintage Wine Fridge Not Cooling Properly?

If you have noticed that your wine cooler is not cooling your wine collection properly then you do have a few solutions that you can try depending on the type of wine cooler you have.

If you own a thermoelectric cooler, the main thing that you will need to be aware of is the temperature of the room that you are storing it in as this can greatly affect the way in which it is able to function.

If your thermoelectric wine cooler is in a room that is too hot, then it will fail to cool your wine bottles correctly.

In a compressor wine cooler, you will not need to worry about this however they come with their own set of potential problems.

These coolers have a number of added parts which can falter, the evaporator fan for example can become blocked with dust or debris - luckily, this is a relatively easy fix.

What you will need to do is remove the fan from your wine cooler (while it is unplugged to avoid any electric shocks) and gently wipe it with a soft cloth to ensure that you are removing anything that may be preventing it from working properly.

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