Why Is My Liebherr Wine Fridge Not Turning On?

Liebherr is an incredibly luxurious brand that delivers both compressor and thermoelectric wine coolers to customers all across the UK along with guaranteed quality to each appliance that they build.

If your Liebherr wine cooler is failing to turn on, be it freestanding or integrated, this can lead to your wine being stored at room temperature causing your fine wine to age poorly and taste sour. This makes repairing this problem even more important than before.

Throughout this article, we will be looking at why your wine cooler is not turning on and giving you some answers on how you can solve these problems.


Why Is Your Wine Cooler Not Turning On?

If you are wondering why your wine cooler may not be turning on when it should be, it could be due to one (or a combination) of the following reasons.

Continue reading to see how you can begin to fix your wine cooler and prevent such issues from occurring in the future.


Compressor Failing

In a compressor wine cooler, the compressor itself is an incredibly important component of the wine fridge as it is directly responsible for the cooling system.

You should ensure that the compressor is not leaking, clogged or dirty so it is running at its optimum state, because this could be what is causing your wine cooler to stop turning on.


Defective Thermostat

A defective thermostat is potentially very damaging to the storage of your wine collection in the long run and should be tended to as soon as you have spotted the issue.

If your wine cabinet has a broken thermostat, then this can cause the whole circuit to stop working and therefore the unit will stop turning on.

It is responsible for the workings of the compressor, condenser, fan and evaporator individually - therefore, making sure that it is operational is vital to your wine storage.

To make sure that your thermostat is working properly, you can place a cup of water and a thermometer inside the cabin for a few hours before coming back and checking if the thermometer and thermostat are reading the same measurements.

Getting this fixed as soon as possible is imperative to the quality of the wine bottles stored inside as this can cause the inside of the cabin to freeze over or simply remain the same temperature as the outside.

If you do come to find that this seems to be your issue, it may be worth enlisting the help of a professional to get this replaced.


Power Supply

One of the first things you should check is whether the cooler is receiving an ample amount of power from the mains. This means making sure that your power cord is plugged in correctly and is not damaged at all.

If this is all in check, then you should turn off your appliance by the socket in the wall and turn it back on after a few seconds to try to kick-start the power.

If the light still does not turn on, then this could mean that there is a serious issue with the mains power supply in your area - in which case, you should speak to the manufacturer or a qualified technician.


Dirty Condenser

When looking around your wine fridge to locate the source of your issue, be sure to check around the back of your unit to see if the condenser is blocked or clogged with any debris.

If you come to find that your condenser is not moving at all then you should look to get this component replaced as soon as possible to get your wine cooler back in working order.

If it just appears to be blocked, the solution is much more simple. You should turn off the unit and remove the condenser yourself in order to wipe it down to free it of dust and ensure that you remove any large pieces of debris.


General Fixes

There is a selection of general fixes for you to try before you call for an engineer or make any complaints to the manufacturer as sometimes the problem can be simple.

These repairs are applicable to all types of single-zone and dual-zone wine coolers and should be able to help you with most issues with your wine cooler.

Continue reading to find out more about some of the repairs you can make that may make your wine cooler turn on again.


Power Cord Checks

One thing you can do to find the source of your problem is to have a look at all of the external wiring and cables including the power cord before you try any of our previous solutions.

It is very easy for the power chord to become worn over time which can eventually lead to the wine fridge failing to turn on at all.

By consistently checking your wires, you will be able to negate this issue from plaguing you in the future which means you can buy a new cable assured that you will have the knowledge to take care of it much more efficiently.


Electrical Checks

Most wine coolers made in the modern day are operated by a singular circuit board which is a very delicate piece of equipment, so when taking it out to make sure it is not damaged be sure to handle it with care.

You may wish to use a magnifying glass to get a better look at any potential damage on the board such as burns or scratches.

If this board is broken, you will likely need to replace it entirely, however, completing these routine checks when something goes wrong cannot be understated in terms of their importance.


Switch The Power Off And On

One of the most commonly used solutions to any kind of malfunction in a household appliance is to simply switch it off and back on again.

While being somewhat of a joke in the UK as the “solution to every problem” it is still an incredibly effective means to get your wine cabinet back to its proper working.

When doing so, you should bear in mind that it should be turned off by the socket in the mains instead of just the on/off switch on the unit itself.

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