Best Places to Put Freestanding Wine Coolers

If you have recently bought or are buying a wine cooler and you have gone for a freestanding unit, or if you are having your kitchen fitted and your new layout means your existing wine cooler has to change places - then it is important to know just where you can place your new freestanding wine cooler.

It has to be carefully considered and thought out if you want your wine cooler to work to its potential and therefore keep all your wines safe too.

This blog post today will address the best place to place a freestanding wine cooler in your home, so your wine cooler and your wine will be safely looked after at all times - so you can enjoy the perfect glass of wine every time.


What Are Freestanding Wine Coolers?

Freestanding wine coolers are designed to stand freely in your home, away from other appliances and without the support from other kitchen units - a bit like how a household standard refrigerator would stand in your kitchen.

Freestanding wine fridges come in a wide variety of sizes for whatever your expert wine storing needs are. They can house anything from approximately 7 bottles to near 300 bottles of the standard Bordeaux wine bottle size.

The large capacities are usually meant for the hospitality industry where restaurants, bars and hotels find them particularly useful for the long and short-term storage of wine - without the constant monitoring of the cellar's conditions or if a cellar space is not available on the premises.


Where to Put a Freestanding Wine Cooler

Due to freestanding wine coolers needing to stand alone, they must not be fitted into a small unit space or be placed within a small gap without sufficient ventilation.

Good ventilation should always surround a freestanding wine cooler as heat leaves the cooler and cool air enters - so it should always be clear for it to function properly and to prevent overheating.

There are certain things that can restrict or affect the ability of your wine cooler to function correctly so if you want to learn more about some of the best places to put freestanding wine coolers in your home then keep reading for more information.



The kitchen is the most popular place for any wine cooler in your home. The kitchen is often the main entertaining area in a home, the place to eat, drink and socialise, so there is no wonder that it makes sense for a wine cooler to live in this sociable room. Just make sure that your freestanding unit sits away from walls and other units and harsh vibrations from appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, etc.



If you have a cellar beneath the property you live in, then that would be an ideal place to store a freestanding wine cooler. It is not always easy to monitor an environment in a household cellar alone, including the monitoring of the temperature and humidity levels which can change in different weathers and therefore affect the taste and quality of your wine.

This is why having a wine cooler in your cellar is a perfect way to keep your wine safe. Plus it is cool, dark and away from all disturbances that can affect your wine.


Home Bar

A home bar or entertainment area is another great place to put a freestanding wine cooler, the convenience of it is perfect. If you are used to having a dedicated entertainment area for guests, perhaps in your garden or a separate area of your home where you like to chill out then a wine cooler in this area would be an amazing addition to this space.

Complete the look with your fancy glassware to go with the wine that you have stored stylishly on display.


Dining Room

If you dine away from your kitchen then having a freestanding wine cooler in the same room will mean you will not have to leave your friends and family that you have over for dinner by leaving the room to fetch another bottle of wine.

You can stay with your guests whilst offering the next bottle from your fancy wine refrigerator in the same room. All modern wine coolers are made to operate with low noise levels so they won’t disturb your guests or dining experience.


Restaurant or Bar

Having a freestanding wine cooler in any area of hospitality just makes so much sense. The convenience factor and the many benefits that wine coolers bring to storing wine mean that even in a busy environment such as a hospitality setting, the wine will be safe - thanks to modern wine cooler features such as built-in anti-vibration systems, UV-treated glass doors, multi-zone temperature control and humidity control too.

In a space where fridge doors will be constantly being opened and closed, the control of a wine cooler is essential and a freestanding unit holds the most options for a business in terms of capacity.



No floor space to place a wine cooler in your home? Opt for a smaller cooler that is designed to sit on your counter. These are perfect for not taking up precious floor space - for example, in smaller kitchens or apartments. They’re also perfect for wine lovers that only have a few bottles in their collection but equally want to keep them safe at all times and the optimum storage and serving temperature.


Pros of Freestanding Wine Coolers

Freestanding wine coolers definitely have more flexibility. You can choose where to put them in your home - providing the correct ventilation surrounds the unit. Freestanding means you have the option to move the cooler around - this is beneficial if you change around a room, renovate or want to move the cooler to a space where you have guests, which could change around the house. You will not need to choose on a fixed spot, as it is completely flexible for wherever you need it to be.


Cons of Freestanding Wine Coolers

Some negatives to freestanding wine coolers are the fact that they tend to take up more room than integrated models, so more space may be required depending on the bottle capacity size you want. Built-in wine coolers, on the other hand, is sleeker and can be more space-saving if you have the unit storage space to forfeit.

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