Tall Freestanding Wine Fridges: Our Guide

For all the wine enthusiasts and collectors - storage of wine is one of the most crucial parts of keeping your wine fresh-smelling, sweet-tasting with a beautiful appearance on display.

However, within the wine industry, there are many people, whether new to collecting or regularly experienced - that don’t know how to effectively store their wine. These people may just put their wine in a normal refrigerator or keep it outside the fridge in the kitchen.

But, understanding that there are excessively more productive ways to store your wine is a must if you want your wine tasting experience to thrive.


What is a Wine Fridge?

A wine fridge and or wine cooler is an appliance that can be placed in your household (primarily your kitchen) that's main function is to store wine in its most optimal form. If you have heard of a wine cellar or wine cave (which requires a much larger amount of space) - it is similar to that but with new technologies and smart features.

Not only will these appliances provide a safe and structured home for your wine - but will flawlessly preserve the wine within a perfect humidity and temperature. All while these wine coolers are typically stunning to look at and will add a luxurious device to your interior. Whether you’re into expensive wine or any wine that you enjoy - these wine fridges will have your bottles on display through the UV-protected glass.


What is a Tall Wine Fridge?

When it comes to a tall wine fridge - it still has similar functions and practicalities to normal wine fridges. However, these tall wine fridges are now becoming one of the most favoured wine cooling systems in the market for avid wine drinkers.

If you’re looking to store bottles for years to come - it can become difficult to generate some free space within your household. However, due to these larger capacity wine coolers being invented, it will permit any wine collector - whether serious or casual to collect with clearance.

With other wine coolers not reaching the maximum height of a particular room for preservation, these tall wine fridges take full advantage of the height of each room. Therefore, it offers a flawless solution to investing heavily into a wine cellar or cave.


Different Types of Tall Wine Fridges

Even though you may think that tall wine fridges won’t have the capability of modifying into another model of wine fridges, there is full leeway for this product to compare to the smaller options.

However, being a taller option you need to ensure that you have the required room in order to fit these models into your desired spot for the wine cooler - whether that be built-in or freestanding. But, is it possible for tall wine coolers to be built-in?


Tall Freestanding Wine Fridges

Before we delve into that topic, we, first of all, have the standard tall freestanding wine fridges. When you view each page of these models - it is paramount that you have the placement and available space for this to go. Checking specifications compared to the measurements in your household or commercial property is crucial.

Each stock of this product will have dissimilar specifications (length, height and width). Therefore, checking that parts, accessories and items within your kitchen will allow for this to be a possibility for bottles of wine to be chilled correctly.

These tall freestanding models will range from 50 to 300 bottles of wine in capacity. With there being single zone, dual zone and multi-zone wine coolers available - each wine can be stored at its optimal temperature and humidity with the cooling system features.

In terms of delivery, with the models being tall and heavy - you may need a few people to help with the installation of placing it in the placement you’ve wished for. If there is access to a power supply nearby, you can get your freestanding tall wine cooler up and running within minutes - taking advantage of all its practical and smart features. You can then begin to store your wine collection for weeks, months or even years depending on your personal preferences.


Tall Built-in Wine Fridges

As for tall built-in wine fridges, it is feasible to be installed within a commercial or personal household. However, as we’ve previously discussed, ensuring you have the built-in space under the counters or in the cabinetry space is key.

Each guide to a tall built-in model will be contrasting from another, so pre-meditating this by taking your measurements will make shopping easier for a suitable wine fridge. With built-in models having their ventilation grilles on the underside, the perimeter of the wine fridge will need around 0.5 to 1cm of breathing room. Due to them being bigger than usual, they require slightly more room for ventilation than the smaller models.

If these specifications and measurements are taken seriously, then this makes the installation process for the professional much easier upon delivery - which will save bundles of time and effort. After the installation sector, it will be time to consume and enjoy a large capacity, yet deluxe feature added to your chosen storage room.


Final Thoughts

Upon the variety of choice, tall wine fridges can certainly make an immense influence on preserving hundreds of bottles without having to renovate an entire room for a cellar or cave. In fact, for a cheaper price - you will have access to more features that will only make your wine-drinking experience more enjoyable.

Anything from cooling systems, the ability to change the temperature based on the model of wine, beautiful LED lighting, UV-protected glass and many more. Electing a tall wine cooler will only benefit your long-term storage plans for a fraction of the price.

In our opinion, for new or experienced collectors, a tall wine fridge unit will be a no-brainer to look at or even add to your ever-growing storage forte. If you’re interested in the idea of adding a wine fridge to your home or commercial property.

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