Do Wine Cabinets Go In Your Kitchen?

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of correct wine storage, which is why wine cabinets have surged in popularity.

Wine cabinets offer the ultimate storage space for your wine collection in the long term, and can be just the appliance you need to age your wine.

But what exactly is a wine cabinet, and what is it used for? And more importantly, do they go in your kitchen? That’s what we’re going to explore in this blog post.

Read on to learn more about the different types of wine cabinets, and whether they can be placed in kitchen space. What does a wine cabinet do? Read on to find out.


What Is A Wine Cabinet Used For?

wine cabinet is similar to a wine fridge in the sense that it is an appliance solely designed for the storage of wine. Many factors can impact how well your wine looks, smells, ages, and of course, tastes - for example, temperature, humidity, and sunlight.

Although in this post, we refer to modern wine cabinets powered by electricity, you can find basic wooden cabinets that act like wine racks.

Wooden wine cabinets and racks can be painted to match your interior - you can paint a wooden wine rack so you have a white wine rack or a grey wine rack. If you have a large wine collection with little floor space, opt for a tall wine rack.


Wine Cabinets Maintain A Steady Temperature

Temperature is a big factor in wine storage and is something you should always consider when storing your wine.

Most wines should be stored between 11-14˚c - however, white wines and sparkling wines are best stored at slightly lower temperatures, and full-bodied reds may be best stored in a slightly warmer environment.

Wine cabinets allow you to store your wine collection at the optimal temperature, keeping it fresh for longer. You can also age your wine in a wine cabinet, depending on the type of wine you have.


Wine Cabinets Can Control Humidity

Most modern wine cabinets can do much more than just maintain a steady temperature, and have additional features such as humidity control.

Humidity is something that is often overlooked when storing wine - but is something that can affect your wine when it comes to long-term wine storage.

Your wine needs a little humidity to keep the cork moist. Without the right humidity levels, the cork could dry out and expose your wine to oxygen - which will quickly ruin the taste and freshness of your wine.

However, if your wine storage space is too humid, then moisture will accumulate around the bottles. This can cause the labels to peel off, which is something you want to avoid if you’re a wine collector or wine investor.


Wine Cabinets Can Protect Your Wine From UV Light

Many wine cabinets feature solid doors that allow no light into the unit, which means your wine will be protected from harmful UV rays.

UV light can cause light strike - which is an irreversible chemical reaction in your wine that leaves it tasting cooked, sour, and generally unpleasant.

Some wine cabinets feature glass doors that have been UV-treated, meaning that you can still display your wine collection and keep it safe from sunlight at the same time.


Wine Cabinets Can Be The Focal Point Of Any Room

Wine cabinets can come in different designs - you can find wine cabinets that stand freely and can be placed in pretty much any open space (freestanding wine cabinets), and you can find wine cabinets designed to be built into kitchens.

These are known as built-in wine cabinets or fully integrated wine cabinets - and are usually designed to be installed into kitchen space, whether it be inside kitchen cabinets, under kitchen counters or worktops, inside a breakfast bar, or hidden inside a snug space. A kitchen wine cabinet is a great choice for any wine lover.

Freestanding wine cabinets need sufficient space around them to function properly - without enough space for airflow, the unit may overheat.

You can place freestanding wine cabinets pretty much anywhere - whether it be your dining room, your garden or outdoor space, or pride of place in your kitchen.

They not only store your wine in the best way but can make a great piece of furniture in your home.

Modern wine cabinets can have additional features and accessories to improve the overall aesthetic - for example, LED lighting and even mirrors on the doors.

Don’t worry about assembly or installation - our expert team at Elite Wine Refrigeration can take care of this for you.


Placing A Wine Cabinet In A Kitchen

Most people will choose to install their new wine cabinet in their kitchen. Whether you have a built-in wine cabinet, a fully integrated wine cabinet, or a freestanding wine cabinet, the kitchen is a great location to install your wine cabinet.

A kitchen can make a great home for your wine cabinet - and it’s where you store your other appliances. If your fridge, oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher all go in your kitchen, why shouldn’t your wine cabinet?

However, make sure you don't place your wine cabinet too close to appliances that generate heat, as this could impact the internal temperature and overheat your wine.

With freestanding wine cabinets, you have more freedom when it comes to placement - however, it’s important that you place a freestanding wine cabinet with sufficient space, and not install it into an alcove or cupboard.

Freestanding units can be placed pride of place next to your tall fridge, or even placed on top of a cabinet or table if you have a small wine cabinet.

Build-in and fully-integrated wine cabinets, however, are designed to fit into small spaces. These designs can seamlessly integrate into your kitchen design and match your overall aesthetic.

At Elite Wine Refrigeration, we are your go-to for all things wine storage. We provide wine storage solutions from reputable brands such as Dunavox, Swisscave, Avintage, Climadiff, and many more.

Check out this post to find out where you can place a wine fridge in your kitchen. 

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