Sliding Rails - RAILV3 - Climadiff/Avintage


SKU: RAILV3 Elite Wine Refrigeration

  • Maximum load 60kg, space for 14 Bordeaux bottles and 13 Burgundy bottles
  • Includes four supports for attaching to side walls
  • Can be combined with RAILV3 for sliding shelves
  • 🚛 Lead Time for UK mainland orders only: Typically 10-14 working days

Climadiff/Avintage sliding rails for Collector 1/70, 1/62 and Premium 1/70, 1/62 and Classic 2/62 shelves


Suitable for the following units:

Climadiff CLA210A+

Climadiff CLA310A+

Climadiff CV295

Avintage AV306A+

Avintage DVA305G

Avintage DVA305PA+

Avintage DVP305G

Climadiff CVP180

Climadiff CLV122M

Climadiff CVP220A+

Climadiff CVP265

Climadiff CVP270A+

Climadiff CVV265

Avintage DVP180G

Avintage DVA265PA+

Avintage DVP265G

Note, the shelves will be delivered via the normal postal network, unassembled direct from manufacturers warehouse - they will need to be attached to the sidewalls manually.  SOLD IN PAIRS.


Shelves can be out of stock as manufacturers hold less stock of these and they are a non stock item for EWR - We advise contacting us before ordering to check stock levels.