Wine Storage: Vibrations

Wine Storage: Vibrations

Callum Dooley10/24/18

When in a wine cellar, wine is left for years and is only moved once every year or so to redistribute the substrates inside the bottle.  Wine cabinets should mimic this, which is why the compressor is mounted on vibration reducing rubbed mountings.

If the wine cabinet is vibrating constantly when the compressor is running, this is interrupting the ageing process and will lead to the wine separating out into different layers. 

When wine is first produced, it is relatively hardy and can sustain being moved around until it reaches its resting place.  Once the ageing process begins properly, this is when the flavours begin to intensify and the odours that are associated with the different types of wine being to be released, at this point any vibration will damage the wine.  Old wines are fragile which means the wine cabinet should not be positioned next to appliances that will cause unnecessary vibrations or in a position of high foot traffic in a restaurant or house.

If your wine cooler is making unnecessary vibration noises, the first thing to check is that the compressor hasn’t fallen off its rubber mountings as over time this can easily happen.  If the compressor is still mounted, then it may be the compressor itself, so contact the manufacturer directly to discuss.

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