7 Common Myths About Wine

Here at Elite Wine Refrigeration, we’ve got a passion for wine (if you couldn’t already tell). We supply a wide variety of different wine coolers and wine cabinets, with some of them having storage space for over 200 bottles.

Working around wine so much, we’ve come across a couple of myths about the drink, so we’ve decided to set the record straight and debunk some of these common misconceptions.

Old Wine Is Good Wine

One of the most common myths surrounding wine is the idea that the older the bottle, the better the taste. However, this is not exactly true.

While it is true that some wines do get better with age, a good majority of wine is supposed to be enjoyed within the first 5 years of being brewed. Wine generally should be drank upon purchase, and will have usually been aged slightly before packaging to bring out the best flavours.

Waiting for an extended period of time to pop the bottle open doesn’t always guarantee a delicious taste, and could often end up wasting what could have been a good drink.

Don’t buy into the idea that an old bottle of wine is better, and don’t waste your money before you do your research.

The Heavier The Bottle, The Better The Wine

In a similar vain to the previous point, a lot of people believe that the weight of the bottle determines of the quality of the contents. But there isn’t really any weight to this rumour (sorry, we had to).

A heavy bottle doesn’t necessarily mean that the contents of said bottle are of the finest quality, and this whole concept is one that marketers have used to shift more products over the years.

You tend to find that the thickness and weight of the bottle varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, and really just comes down to how much they want to invest on packaging.

You may find that great wines do sometimes come in thick bottles, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a perfect taste in something a little more lightweight.

A Screw Cap Equals Poor Quality

There is a certain stigma that surrounds screw caps, but we feel like its time to put that to an end.

Even though screw caps have been around since the 50s, people still feel the need to place them lower than cork on the quality scale. One immediate benefit of using screws caps instead of a cork is the ability of easy access, and it will often wear a cheaper price tag too. 

People often complain about screw caps not being as effective as cork in terms of storing the wine, but we recommend drinking up sooner rather than later anyway (as explained in a previous point).

Screw caps have even been proven to protect wine from oxidation better than corks, so don’t write off screw capped bottles.

Red For Meat, White For Fish

Pairing a red wine with meat and a white wine with fish is not a myth, but the idea of mixing it up is definitely something that will get you a couple of weird looks.

Some people will swear by this rule, but its time to get a little bit adventurous. 

Red wine actually goes really well with fish, with the likes of tuna or salmon pairing with a medium-bodied red a lot better than a light white. Your choice of wine should depend on the type of fish being served, but you’d be definitely be surprised by the delicious mixture of red wine and fish. 

You’d also be surprised by how good a nice white can be when paired alongside a juicy bit of meat, creating a taste sensation you’re probably not used to. We recommend testing this one out for yourself.

You Need To Spend For Quality

Another common myth about wine is the idea that you have to essentially break the bank to ensure a perfect taste, and anything that can be picked up at a reasonable price simply won’t do.

You will often that the price of wine really depends on how expensive the process of making it was, and the quality of ingredients used. The price can sometimes reflect the quality, but it’s not something to swear by. 

Taste is subjective, and everyone’s tastes are different. Spending a lot of money on a bottle will surely provide a great wine, but it doesn’t ensure that it will taste any better to you than a bottle half the price.

Price doesn’t always guarantee quality, and you might even be pleasantly surprised by taking a risk and trying a cheaper option.

Sweet Wine Is For Amateurs

If you prefer sweet wine, you’re clearly uneducated and an amateur - or that’s what some people might have you think. But the truth is actually the opposite.

The idea that a good glass of wine needs to be dry to be of quality simply isn’t true, and looking down of people for enjoying the taste of a sweet glass is just nonsense.

Some of the most popular wines in the world happen to hold a sweet, sweet taste, and work perfectly after a delicious meal.

Don’t worry, we enjoy a class of sweet wine too!

Blended Wines Are A Sin

Blended wines are often frowned upon among wine enthusiasts, but the results of a perfect blend can be enough to fool even the top experts. 

The mixture of two different types of grapes often means the bottle costs less, but that doesn’t always mean that the wine inside should be written off. Blended wines can often lead to some fantastic flavours, and there are definitely some powerful combinations out there that need to be tried.

After all, champagne is the most famous blended wine in the world and we’ve seen a fair few glasses of that shared over the years. Don’t be so quick to write off a blended wine.


For someone who isn’t a regular drinker of wine, you can see how some of these common myths can be off-putting. Hopefully we’ve managed to enlighten some of you, and provide some insight into some “facts” you may have previously thought to be true.

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Got any other common myths about wine? We’d love to hear them! Be sure to keep an eye out on the Elite Fridges blog for more interesting articles about our favourite drink.

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