Using A Wine Cooler To Store Food

 Wine coolers are designed to store your wine at a steady temperature to ensure the long-term preservation of your wine. But can you store other products in a wine cooler? Believe it or not, wine coolers can be used for a number of reasons, including to store food.

Wine fridges are excellent for storing your wines as they provide a wide range of features to help maintain the quality of your wine. They are not the same as your average fridge, this is because standard fridges are designed to reach lower temperatures to prevent food from going bad.

Wine coolers maintain their internal temperatures and gradually lower them to keep your wine at a high quality. Not only can you store certain foods in a wine cooler, but you can also store a variety of drinks in there too - for example, fizzy drinks, water and even energy drinks.

Not all types of food can be stored in a wine cooler - however, the vast majority can. For more information on the types of foods you can store in a wine cooler and more, read on.

Foods You Can Store in a Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is a temperature-controlled fridge that is purely used for the storage of wine. They are much quieter than your average refrigerator and don’t need a compressor to run.

Fridges do not offer the correct temperature or humidity features for your wine which is why, in order to store your wine correctly, you need a wine cooler.

Although you are able to store pretty much anything in your wine cooler, there are some foods that shouldn’t be stored there. Read on for a guide to what types of foods can be stored in a wine cooler.



Although cheese is mostly stored in the fridge, you are able to store it in your wine cooler. In fact, it may well be the ideal space to store cheese.

If you want to use a wine fridge to store your cheese, then you will be best covering the wide-gapped shelf with a cloth or breathable surface. Cheese requires a constant temperature to maintain its temperature and consistency. This is why a wine cooler is a great choice.


Fruit And Snacks

Another type of food you can store in your wine cooler is fruit and snacks. Wine fridges are an excellent storage option for fruit and other refrigerated snacks if you want to make them more accessible. Fruit is a great source of nutrition which is why it is important to store them correctly.

Wine coolers often feature transparent doors that will allow people to see what is in the fridge as well as where in the fridge the food is located. This is ideal as it can help reduce any excess energy bills from keeping your fridge door open for too long- This can help you save money in the long run.

Wine fridges may also be used to store certain fruits and vegetables. It is important to make sure that fruits such as kiwis and bananas are ripe before keeping them in the fridge. Other fruits may also be stored in your wine cooler, however, you should avoid contaminating wine with strong-smelling foods such as onions or garlic.



Chocolate is best stored in a refrigerator with steady temperature and humidity control. The ideal humidity level for chocolate is around 60 to 70 percent. This is a temperature which is often seen in wine coolers.

The temperature of a wine cooler compared to your average refrigerator allows the chocolate to cool without freezing. Most chocolate when stored in the fridge can damage your teeth as it is too cold to consume, this is where a wine cooler comes in.



Meat is another type of food that you can store in your wine cooler, however, it is important that you store your raw meat away correctly (normally on the bottom shelf of your fridge) to avoid any cross-contamination or food poisoning. It is vital to store meats correctly to maintain food hygiene.


Wine Cooler Features

Here at Elite Wine, we offer a wide range of wine coolers suited to your home, from freestanding wine coolers to integrated wine coolers, built-in coolers and more! All of our wine coolers offer a variety of features to help maintain the quality of your wine.

One of the most popular wine coolers we offer is the built-in wine cooler. These wine coolers come with a range of features such as:

  • Dual temperature zone
  • Black tinted glass doors with UV protection
  • 3 years manufacturers warranty
  • Adjustable feet for different countertop heights
  • Blue LED lighting
  • Cooling System

And much more. All of our wine coolers offer the correct storage environment for long-term preservation to prevent your wines from ageing. Wine coolers are excellent for maintaining the humidity of your wine between 50 to 80%.

At Elite Wine, many of our wine coolers feature a charcoal filter. This works to eliminate any unwanted aromas in the wine cooler, making it a great place to store wine as well as food.


Elite Wine

No matter the size of your kitchen, Elite Wines have the perfect wine cooler suitable for your home. If you have a small kitchen space then you will probably be best opting for our built-in wine coolers.

This is because they don’t take up any extra space and fit seamlessly into your kitchen cabinets. However, if you have a slightly larger kitchen space, then you will be best investing in our free-standing wine coolers.

Struggling on where to place your freestanding wine cooler? If so, read our blog for a guide on the best places to store your freestanding wine coolers! 

This type of wine cooler is a lot bigger compared to built-in wine coolers, therefore, it takes up more space. If you are planning on placing your wine cooler in a more spacious room such as the dining room, then you can also opt for our freestanding wine coolers.

For more information on the wine coolers we offer, contact us today at 0333 577 6466. Alternatively, email us at, we will be more than happy to help!

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