A Review of the Dunavox DAUF-17.58

Dunavox have recently upgraded one of their most popular units the DAUF-17.58 dual zone, 300mm wide built in wine cooler - this was originally one of only 2 available in the UK which meant it was extremely popular throughout our retailer network.

The newer model is similar, the main difference now is that it is A/G energy rated as opposed to B.  With it being so popular, we thought it was best to write a quick review about the key features and installation tips.

Dunavox DAU-17.58








All of Dunavox's under-counter models are fan assisted cooling, this means that the cool air is distributed throughout the cooler via a singular fan or with dual zone models - there will be two fans.  This means that there will be an even temperature throughout the temperature zones as the fans ensure an even distribution of cool air.

What Is It Like Inside?

The fans are usually the number one noise complaint on wine coolers, Dunavox only use the highest quality fans for their units which makes them very quiet in operation and once they have been built in with kitchen cabinets around them - it is unlikely you will notice the noise output.

The interior is lit by blue LED lighting which has a couple of lighting functions so you can the lights on constantly, on when the door opens or off completely - this can be easily selected by unlocking the control panel and pressing the light button until it beeps.

As with most 300mm wide built in wine coolers, Dunavox also uses the treated beech shelving which are semi-sliding and allow you to get at your favourite bottles easily. The reason Dunavox uses these is primarily because beech wood is very hardy once treated and doesn't stain as badly as other materials like oak. 

Dunavox DAU-17.58Dunavox DAU-17.58

How Many Bottles Can the DAUF-17.58 Hold?

This model is a dual temperature zone model which allows for 6 bottles in the upper zone and 11 in the lower zone.  The temperature zones can be programmable to between 5 and 12°C in the top zone and 12 and 22°C in the lower temperature zone should you want to store whites and red wines for a party for example.

The DAUF-17.58's shelves are designed around Bordeaux bottles as with most wine coolers. However there are shelves that do accommodate larger bottles such as Champagne and larger burgundy bottles but we have found the distance between the shelves to be quite generous throughout the whole of the unit.

Due to the high quality components that Dunavox uses - we have found the temperature to be consistent and reliable, whilst also being very quiet in operation.  

Is it Energy Efficient?

YES! As previously mentioned, this model is the upgraded version of the previous very popular DX-17.58 - the internals have changed slightly and the compressor has also been upgraded which has now meant the the energy usage has come down substantially to only 137 kWh/annum which will cost you in the region of £20 for a whole years worth of cooling your wines perfectly!

Of course, the compressor is mounted of rubber bushes so that any vibration from the compressor is absorbed to make sure your wines are stored in the ideal vibration free conditions - if you did plan to use this wine cooler for long term storage.

What Colours Are Available?

The DAUF-17.58 comes in three colours; stainless steel, black and white. The carcass on all of the units is black as it is primarily designed to fit in between kitchen cabinets so you wont see this.

Both the black and white units feature a full glass door and the back of the glass has been painted to give the effect of a door frame - this means that the overall finish of the door is very glossy and will match gloss kitchen cabinets.

The doors are double glazed, which also helps with energy efficiency and they are also UV treated and will repel any unwanted UV light which can interfere with the ageing process of the wine and is very important when storing wine for long periods of time as it can lead to discolouration of the wine.

Installation Guidelines

The Dunavox DAUF-17.58 is designed primarily as a built-in wine cooler for undercounter use. However if you did have a narrow space or do not need a wine cooler with a high capacity - you can also use this as a freestanding unit.

With this being a built in wine cooler, the door is designed to open in on its self which is why you only need a 300mm wide space for this wine cooler to be installed into. 

The overhang on the door is only 2.5mm at 45 degrees which makes it ideal to slide neatly into small spaces.

If you want to run a plinth in front of the wine cooler - this model also features a removable front grille which is easily removable and just pops off. 

It is best to take this off if you are running a plinth in front as it gives you a deeper plinth depth to play with - if you do run a plinth in front please ensure you install a grille into the plinth so that the wine cooler can breathe properly!

Dunavox DAU-17.58

Are There Any Other Options? 

Currently in the UK there are very few options available in a dual temperature zone 300mm wide unit - mQuvee do manufacture a cheaper version which has a door height of 700mm as opposed to 715mm which is standard.

With the Dunavox units you also have the added benefit of the 3 years parts and labour warranty and 5 years on the compressor as opposed to a standard 2 year warranty with mQuvee.

What Do We Think? 

 Here at Elite Wine we think the DAUF-17.58 is a great upgrade to the previous model and meets the new requirements of the UK population with energy efficiency now being even more important than ever!

As with the old model we think it will be very popular and with the introduction of the new white units - this should only increase the demand for the wine cooler as the new trend in white kitchens has pushed Dunavox to release this colour.

 If you are looking for an alternative dual zone 300mm wide under-counter model - AVU27TDZB1, browse our Avintage range. Avintage are well-established, having provided companies like ourselves with reliable cooling systems. With an array of designs available across our site, it’s clear to see why our loyal customers enjoy browsing our products so muc. 

Avintage are known for being a leading wine cabinet brand, and with more and more people reaping the benefits of their designs, the brand itself are becoming increasingly popular here at Elite Wine Refrigeration. To find out more about Avintage, feel free to reach out for more information.

As always, reliability and customer service is the focus of the new Dunavox products so if you do have any other questions regarding this unit - please do not hesitate to contact us

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