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Here at Elite Wine Refrigeration we’re passionate about covering the best possible methods for ensuring your wine tastes as good as it can.

From built-in wine coolers to freestanding wine coolers, it’s clear that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to wine storage

Our passion for wine is something we love to share, and that’s why we’re so pleased to announce our new partnership with Vineyard Magazine.

Vineyard Magazine is a monthly publication all about growing grapes, making wine, and more in Great Britain.

If there’s anything you should know within this field, then there’s no doubt Vineyard Magazine will have covered it.

For us to continue to deliver the best content we can, it’s important to seek out others who share our passions.

Vineyard Magazine is a genuine home for viticulturists in Great Britain and covers a wide variety of topics in the ever-changing world of grape growing.

A true celebration of the winemaking business, it’s a pleasure to read this publication, which is available online as well as physically.

Mastering wine cooling is one thing, but what exactly does grape growing entail?


Grape Growing

This is one of Vineyard Magazines main areas of expertise and if it’s a topic that interests you, their content will definitely please you.

Grape growing isn’t easy, and the search for good grapes can be a difficult task. It requires the right conditions, perfect timing, and the correct amount of love and care.

To grow grapes correctly, you will need plenty of sunlight in order to ripen properly and ensure the taste of your wine isn’t soured.

It’s a fairly long process that can take up lots of time.

There are two main types of grapes, dessert and wine. Dessert grapes generally need to be grown in a greenhouse and are easy to manage.

They can also be put outdoors in the winter months such as October and November.

Wine grapes are grown outdoors, often in a south-facing site. Grapevines can grow on any soil, if the soil is properly managed.

Within the past few months, Vineyard Magazine has covered a variety of topics in the area of grape growing such as the 2021 planting season and the quest to create a more sustainable grape growing industry.

This devotion to the betterment of grape growing practises in the farm environment is something to be admired, as the need for environmental activism grows with each day.

Of course, without a healthy planet and happy workers, it’s unlikely that grape growing would continue to thrive.


Wine Making

Vineyard Magazine also provides great content on wine making. It’s a fine art that requires the utmost attention.

When it comes to wine making there are five basic stages: harvesting, crushing and pressing, clarification, ageing and bottling.

Despite this, there are a wide variety of ways that wine makers can mix this up and create their own methodology.

This is one of the joyful things about wine making. You must be precise, but creativity is possible and many winemakers enjoy adding their own expressionism into their drinks.

Vineyard Magazine covers winemaking with great care, with topics ranging from wine tourism to the perfect blending methods.

In the past few months, Vineyard Magazine has covered things such as the success of sparkling wine as well as many of the recent changes to the wine industry that are being driven by socio-cultural developments.

It’s important to keep an eye on the evolutionary nature of the wine industry, and why these alterations occur.

Vineyard Magazine is undoubtedly devoted to uncovering what makes the wine industry tick, and this is something that fascinates many readers.


Final Thoughts

It’s an exciting time to be covering the modern landscape of viticulture, and the future looks bright.

Our mission to give our readers the best possible experience with their wine has never felt stronger, and we’re overjoyed to be partnering with a like minded organisation such as Vineyard Magazine.

The next year is sure to be an exciting one, so keep an eye out for the latest news and don’t forget to tell us what you think of our latest content!

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