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Home Brands mQuvée
Home Brands mQuvée

mQuvée are a wine cooler specialist company based in Sweden and are now distributed throughout nine countries including: Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

mQuvée's excellent range of wine coolers includes: integrated, built in and of course their freestanding range of wine coolers which you will find below.  With Europe's largest range of freestanding wine coolers, they have developed a great range of wine coolers of various sizes to suit various spaces through providing unique shapes of wine coolers.

With great experience in the wine cooler industry, mQuvée have been developing their wine coolers for many years now.  All of their wine coolers are designed to maintain your wines in the perfect condition.  Because of this, their wine coolers all include an UV protected glass door, vibration free compressors and wooden shelves to make it easier to showcase your wines.

To view the full collection from mQuvée, feel free to browse their brochure here.