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mQuvée are a wine cooler specialist company based in Sweden and are now distributed throughout nine countries including: Norway, Finland, France, Italy, Germany and Austria.

mQuvée's excellent range of wine coolers includes: integrated, built in and of course their freestanding range of wine coolers which you will find below.  With Europe's largest range of freestanding wine coolers, they have developed a great range of wine coolers of various sizes to suit various spaces through providing unique shapes of wine coolers.

With great experience in the wine cooler industry, mQuvée have been developing their wine coolers for many years now.  All of their wine coolers are designed to maintain your wines in the perfect condition.  Because of this, their wine coolers all include an UV protected glass door, vibration free compressors and wooden shelves to make it easier to showcase your wines.

To view the full collection from mQuvée, feel free to browse their brochure here.

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The Wine Expert collection from mQuvée is a range of freestanding wine coolers, specifically designed to serve wines at their correct serving temperature or if required they are more than capable to store wines for many years - in particular in the larger units like the Wine Expert 126 and Wine Expert 192 which are available in both single and dual zones so you can store some wines and serve others.

mQuvée have managed to design a very reliable set of freestanding units at a great price point, with capacities ranging from 12 bottles right up to 192 -mQuvée have the full spectrum of freestanding wine coolers covered.

The mQuvée Wine Expert 24 and Wine Expert 38 are dual zone models which are a perfect size for the small wine collection or a wine drinker who likes to have their reds and whites served at perfect temperatures, both units are available in stainless steel or with a full tinted glass door.  The Wine Expert 43 is mQuvée's single zone model which holds up to 43 Bordeaux bottles which can be used as a storage unit or for serving temperatures - this model is only available in stainless steel and features white interiors lighting.

Moving up into the slightly higher capacities, the Wine Expert 66 is a dual zone model which has a capacity of 66 Bordeaux bottles - available in both stainless steel and with a full glass door.  This freestanding wine cooler is a great option for someone who doesn't have the space in the kitchen for a undercounter or integrated unit as it provides a good bottle capacity and doesn't take up too much space so can be tucked away.

The taller units which include the Wine Expert 126 dual zone model, Wine Expert 180 dual zone model and the Wine Expert 192 single zone model - are all designed for long term storage, in particular the single zone model which will have the same temperature throughout the wine cabinet.  These models are more of a statement piece and create a great talking point as well as storing your wines for long periods in the correct conditions.  The black model with a full glass door looks terrific in the flesh, as does the stainless steel model - the bottles are lit up by the interior lighting.