An Introduction To Dometic Wine Coolers

Many wine experts believe that to truly unlock the complex variety of tastes that a good wine offers, it must be stored in the perfect conditions.

If you don’t look after your wine properly it could come out tasting much less appealing, so it’s important to understand how best to do this.

Wine coolers are an excellent tool to ensure the best possible results when it comes to wine storage.

Dometic is one of the best wine cooler manufacturers around, with coolers that cater to a large number of needs.

Whether you run a bar, a restaurant, or simply wish to have your home collection optimally stored, Dometic is a great option.

In this article, we’re going to give you an overview of the ins and outs of Dometic wine coolers and explain why you should consider acquiring one for your wine cooling needs.

Before we get into that, why should you buy a wine cooler?


Why Buy A Wine Cooler?

If you want to do something, you should do it right. Considering the storage environment of your wines is essential for those who want to provide a great wine tasting experience.

Humidity, light, odours and a whole host of other variables can spoil wines, which nobody wants.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on getting the perfect product, there’s no point allowing that product to go to waste.

Wine coolers are an excellent way to eliminate that possibility and increase the longevity of your wine's lifespan.

They provide reliable preservation of every wine imaginable, and Dometic have a large range of wine coolers on offer that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

From wine coolers that can store 7 bottles, to ones that can store an incredible 195, Dometic is an excellent option for people of all experience levels within the world of wine storage and consumption.

Before making a decision on a wine cooler, you should consider what you’re looking for.

If you’re someone who has a lot of different types of wine, you might want to consider a dual zone wine refrigerator to accommodate for this.

However, you might find another option more suitable for your own particular needs.

So, what different types of wine coolers do Dometic actually offer?


Design Range

When it comes to the Design Range there’s a clue in the name. They have a sleek and elegant look that adds to the functional purpose of the cooler itself.

The Design Range models come with frameless glass doors and dual temperature zones, which allows the user a certain level of versatility.

If space is an issue then it’s definitely worth considering the Design Range, as the models are very slim in order to slot into confined spaces.

Whether you’re running a bar, restaurant, or simply wish to add to your own kitchen, there are a lot of options within the Design Range.

The first option in the Design Range is the Dometic E7FG, which can hold up to 7 bottles.

It’s a compressor wine refrigerator that’s suitable for those of you who only wish to store a smaller number of bottles.

It can fit neatly into almost any spot you could want and has an elegant style that could compliment any kitchen it resides in.

This leads all the way up to the Dometic E115FG. This model is capable of storing up to 115 bottles and is a dual zone wine refrigerator with a frameless glass door.

Dual zone wine fridges are perfect for storing different types of wines, and if you have a vast collection of wine styles you may need different forms of storage to accommodate.


Classic Range

The Classic Range is just as attractive as the Design Range and can fit nicely into any home kitchen.

There are less options available in the Classic Range but it’s somewhat more straightforward, and each model also features a white LED side light.

This is helpful when viewing your wines in a home environment.

The Classic Range has both heat and cool technology, with a front ventilation system.

These impressive features make it easy to reach the perfect conditions for all kinds of different wines.

This range starts with the Dometic C20G, which can hold 20 bottles, and leads to the Dometic C125G, which can hold 125.

Each model is a compressor wine refrigerator with a glass door, and this range could definitely be recommended to those of you who want to store your wines in a home kitchen, which brings us onto the Essential Range.


Essential Range

The Essential Range is probably the best option for people who want to enjoy their wine at home with friends.

With the Essential Range, you can choose between space efficiency and full height cabinets.

The full height cabinets have solid doors instead of the usual Dometic glass door, but it looks just as good.

The Essential Range has the option for the most wine storage of any Dometic wine coolers with the Dometic B195S, which can hold up to 195 bottles.

This model has a solid black door with a white LED top light. Stylish and practical, the Essential Range has some absolutely great all-round wine cooler options.



You could also consider taking a look at some of the accessories Dometic have for their wine coolers.

These accessories range from wooden presentation shelves to water tanks. You can even acquire labels for your wine cooler, which could certainly add a level of elegance.



Dometic wine coolers have something for everyone, and you’re sure to find an option that suits you best within their ranges.

Always be sure to consider what you’re looking for before making a purchase and you’ll be enjoying a perfectly stored wine in no time.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to keep up to date with our blog for the latest news in the world of wine refrigeration!

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