Dunavox Integrated wine coolers

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dunavox; they are one of the leading manufacturers of wine coolers with offices throughout Europe and are by far one of the fastest developing wine cooler companies in the world.

Their focus is on reliability but are also paving the way for the next generation of wine coolers by developing new and innovative technology that other manufacturers will slowly catch on to.  By focusing on both reliability and after sales – they have become known as the ‘wine cooling expert’ and has allowed them to achieve a huge market share in some of the largest wine producing countries like Spain and Italy.

Wine Coolers With Push2Open Technology

Dunavox’s latest development is their push2open line of wine coolers, these models are all handle-less and can be conveniently opened by touching the top of the door. 

A sensor activates a mechanical arm which then pushes the door open and also self-closes if the door isn’t opened – this allows the clean lines of a handle-less kitchen to continue uninterrupted and is very popular with German kitchens as Dunavox also manufacture Europe’s only 880mm high wine cooler which is perfect for German kitchens as they have a higher counter top height than usual.

Self-Ventilating Wine Coolers

In addition to the push2open system, Dunavox has recently introduced their self-ventilating line.  These come in an array of sizes to match other integrated appliances which are usually: 455mm, 595mm, 885mm, 1240mm and 1780mm high. 

Usually, with this type of wine cooler you will need to install a vent in the plinth and there must be enough ventilation space at the back of the tower unit so that the warm air produced by the compressor can be expelled at the top of the units. 

This is quite often either forgotten about, or can completely spoil the look of the kitchen with a metal vent in the plinth which just doesn’t match the feel or look of your new kitchen!

Dunavox have taken a normal integrated wine cooler and manufactured their new range with an inbuilt ventilation system which now makes them extremely easy to incorporate into existing kitchens and also alleviates the risk of designers forgetting the ventilation requirements. 

Here is a quick video of what the ventilation system looks like:


You will see at the top and bottom there is a vent which has a set of fans behind it, one to draw the cool air in and one to expel the warm air produced by the compressor.

These are Europe’s first self-ventilating wine coolers and Dunavox is now paving the way for the likes of Liebherr and Miele who are actually one step behind now. 

Due to the fact they are self-ventilating, the 455mm and 595mm units can now be installed under counter which makes them extremely flexible and allows designers to incorporate this type of appliance in positions they wouldn’t usually be able to go.

Elite Wine are very impressed with this new line of wine coolers from Dunavox which is why we have made them the wine coolers of the month and of course they come with all the standard equipment a wine cooler should have, such as:

  • Anti vibration system
  • UV protected glass
  • Humidity management
  • Interior LED lighting (blue)
  • Single, dual or three temperature zones
  • 3 years parts and labour warranty and 5 years on the compressor

What a great addition to the Dunavox range of wine coolers and if you have any questions or need technical information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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