Dunavox's New 'Label View' Range

The Label View Range From Dunavox

Dunavox have recently introduced a new line of wine coolers which displays the shelves horizontally as opposed to the standard back to front layout on wooden shelves. 

The idea is that the labels on the bottles are displayed which is why the new line is called the ‘Label view’ line.

This is bringing something completely different to the European market and we at Elite Wine are very impressed with how they look and function.

As per usual the wine coolers are very quiet and constructed from high quality components, the shelves sit on telescopic rails and you can find a video of how they operate here:



Available in Multiple Sizes

The Label view range comes in a range of sizes which features the:

DAU-40.138 – undercounter model with 40 bottle capacity and white LED lighting

DX-104.375 – dual zone model with a 104 bottle capacity which also features blue, red and green lighting

DX-143.468 – tall unit with 143 bottle capacity featuring blue LED lighting

All are available in a either black with a full glass door or a stainless steel finish and designed to bring something a little different to your kitchen.


Touch Controls and Energy Efficiency

All three units feature touch controls with either a digital display for the temperature or the DX-104.375 which is the newest addition to the collection has an LCD display which gives more information for you user than the other two models.

The label view shelves are able to accommodate champagne bottles as well, as many of the normal wooden shelves don’t allow for champagne bottles so you will need to take a shelf out.

All three are energy efficient with the DX-143 and DX-104 featuring an inverter compressor which has the ability to ramp up and down depending on the amount of cool air that is required to maintain the temperature – this saves energy but also ensures noise levels are kept to a minimum.


Our Review

We had the pleasure of seeing the Dunavox label view units in the flesh recently and they are absolutely stunning when up close. 

We like the idea and think it will sit very well in the UK market as we are at the forefront of new and innovative design ideas in the European market – once our retailers latch on to the idea, I am sure it will be a big seller.

Dunavox DAU-40.138B

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