Top 10 Wine Coolers You Need In Your Home

Top 10 Wine Coolers You Need In Your Home

Callum Dooley3/19/19

Whether you’re an avid wine collector or just like to enjoy a casual glass with friends, everyone needs a good wine fridge.

In order to be properly enjoyed, wine needs to be stored at the correct temperatures and that’s something that the cupboard or home fridge won’t be offering.

We like to think that we’ve got quite a bit of experience in the wine cooler industry, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 wine coolers that are perfect for any home.

Dunavox DAU-17.57DSS 17 Bottle 300m Built-In Wine Cooler

Price: £985

The first product on this list is the DAU-17.57DSS built-in cooler from Dunavox.

This cooler has the capacity to hold up to 17 bottles (750ml standard Bordeaux bottles) with beautiful wooden shelves. It features a black external body with seamless stainless steel door frame, and a reversible door for convenience.

The dual temperature option allows you to store 2 different kinds of wine at completely separate temperatures, making it perfect for serving or storage. You can expect the temperature to range from 5 - 22°C.

As far as energy usage goes, this cooler has a low annual consumption of just 139kW per year, making it a very efficient option.

Dunavox DAU-32.78DB 400m Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £1,185

Next up is a cooler that holds double the amount of the DAU-17.57DSS, with the DAU-32.78DB holding up to 32 standard 750ml bottles.

This cooler boasts an elegant exterior, being designed to fit neatly into a 40cm kitchen cabinet and creating a seamless look in the process.

If you’re looking for a unit to perfectly blend in with your kitchen, this is the fridge for you.

SWISSCAVE WLB450DF-BDGY 126 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £1,850

This dual zone cooler from SWISSCAVE holds an impressive 126 bottles, making it ideal for serious wine enthusiasts. The WLB450DF-BDGY cooler features a beautiful black exterior, with burgundy bottle shelving and a double glazed UV resistant door.

While this fridge is perfect for serving temperature, it can also be used for long term storage thanks to the charcoal filter.

Every SWISSCAVE cabinet is constructed using Swiss engineering techniques, and this particular cooler can be used as a freestanding or built-in unit. Can you picture this fantastic cooler in your home?

Liebherr WTPES5972 155 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £3,900

It might come with a slightly bigger price tag, but this dual zone wine fridge has plenty of amazing features worthy of the cost.

The WTPES5972 was designed for professional long term storage, making it ideal for collectors as it offers similar conditions to a wine cellar. With 3 wooden pull-out presentation shelves and 2 vertical sliding shelves, this cooler is perfect for showcasing fine wines.

If you’re looking to show off your prized collection, look no further.

Dunavox DX-54.150DK 54 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

Price: £950

Bringing it back to Dunavox, we’ve got the fantastic DX-54.150DK up next.

This compact model is a freestanding unit that features an elegant minimalistic design, housing 54 bottles. For those looking for a practical and aesthetically pleasing wine fridge to store their wine at home, you can’t go wrong with this model.

It even uses the latest compressor technology to allow cool air to circulate inside the appliance, and has the features to set 2 independent temperature zones.

As with most Dunavox units, it has a low annual energy consumption and runs at a really low volume, making it one of the most discreet units on the market.

SWISSCAVE WLB450FL 166 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £2,300

Our next entry on this list is another cooler from SWISSCAVE, with the WLB450FL model. This cooler has the capacity of 166 bottles, with a sleek black exterior at a reasonable price.

If you’ve got a family of wine drinkers or a commercial need for a large single temperature zone cooler, this fridge could be the one.

The ‘AMBIENTE’ edition even features natural Sapele wood racks and subtle amber glow LED lights throughout the cabinet.

SWISSCAVE WLB150F 50 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £1,185

Going back to a more compact cooler, the WLB150F unit from SWISSCAVE is a great way of storing smaller collections of wine.

This particular unit can be built-in to a kitchen space or used as an under-counter freestanding model, making it a very versatile option. You can even get this cooler in a black edition, offering a minimalist look and no handle for a smooth exterior.

Dunavox DX-119.386DB 119 Bottle Built-In Tall Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Price: £2,985

Dunavox’s DX-119.386DB is a highly energy efficient, built-in model from the Kitchen Series that boasts an elegant exterior design. With full UV filtered glass and a reversible hinge door, this fridge is perfect for contemporary kitchen environments or commercial restaurants.

Housing 119 bottles, you are almost spoiled for choice as far as storage in concerned.

Looking equally stunning as a built-in cooler or freestanding, we believe this fridge could be a great addition to any kitchen.

Liebherr WKt6451 312 Bottle GrandCru Freestanding Wine Cabinet

Price: £2,200

This next one is for serious collectors only, and comes from the GranCru range from Liebherr.

The freestanding cabinet can house a staggering 312 750ml standard bottles, making it perfect for large collections of wine and ideal for the likes of restaurants and bars. Featuring a solid terra brown door with a matching exterior lock, this model is sure to stand out in any space.

If wine preservation is a big concern for you, we recommend giving this one a look at.

Dunavox DX-194.490SSK 194 Bottle Built-In Tall Wine Cooler

Price: £2,295

Lastly, we’ve got the fantastic DX-194.490SSK tall wine cooler from Dunavox.

This wine cooler has the impressive capacity to hold up to 194 Bordeaux bottles, with telescopic rails to allow easy access. With a stainless steel door frame, blue LED lit interior and a tined glass door, this is definitely one of the best looking wine refrigeration units on the market today.

If you’ve been searching for that perfect large capacity wine cooler, this model is absolutely ideal.


And that’s our list! As you can see, we offer a wide variety of wine fridges to suit any needs. From countertop fridges to freestanding cabinets, Elite Fridges has you covered.

If you’d like to learn more information about any of these coolers or purchase one for yourself, have a browse through the website and please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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