Why Is My Liebherr Wine Fridge Beeping

One of the most sensible investments that you can make as a wine connoisseur is investing in a Liebherr wine fridge to correctly store your wine. They not only look amazing in your home but are the ultimate conversation starter for when friends and family enter your home.

When your Liebherr Wine Fridge is running, it shouldn’t make too much noise. You may hear a faint buzzing sound that comes from the compressor which is completely normal, and it should make the same amount of noise as your average kitchen fridge.

It can be both concerning and frustrating that your wine fridge has suddenly started to beep as there are a few questions you may ask yourself such as is my wine damaged? Is my wine fridge broken? And many more…

There are a few different reasons that your Liebherr Wine Fridge has started beeping and some reasons are easier to solve than others. Some may require you to call out a specialist to quickly fix the problem.

We’ve got our in-house team here today to go through some of the common reasons that your Liebherr Wine Fridge is beeping and some steps you can take in order to stop the beeping from happening again.

If the beeping is still happening after using this guide then we recommend that you reach out to your supplier who can advise you on the next best steps to fix it.


The Wine Fridge Is Overstacked

Very similar to a lot of appliances, if your wine fridge is overloaded then there is a high chance it won’t work at its best, and wine fridges can have problems when you start to over-stack your fridge full of wine bottles.

Liebherr wine fridges are specifically designed to hold a certain number of wine bottles and if you begin to start placing more wine bottles on top, it can affect the wine cooler’s ability to chill your wine bottles correctly, leading to your wine fridge starting to beep.

When you purchase your Liebherr wine fridge, you will have a manufacturer's guideline which will state the bottle capacity. Regardless of how tempting it can be to add an extra one or two wine bottles on top as you may think ‘how much of a difference can it make?’, it can make a huge difference.

If you have overstacked your wine fridge to stop the beeping, you can do these steps to solve it:

  • Take out the wine bottles you have overstacked.
  • Check the positioning of your wine bottles - if they are potentially interfering with the door closing mechanism, it will cause the alarm to start beeping.


Placed In Compact Area

You may discover that your wine fridge has started to beep as it is placed in a compact area where there is no space, or you have placed it too close to another appliance which is causing it not to work correctly.

Wine fridges will start to beep as an indication that something is wrong and you haven’t provided enough space for the fridge to ventilate, which can cause them to start overheating.

If you have installed your Liebherr wine fridge in an area that has no space to ventilate, it won’t function correctly and you won’t get the optimal taste from your stored wine. The last thing we want when getting out that special bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special occasion is for it to be spoiled.

Start taking these steps to stop your wine fridge from beeping due it to being placed too close to a wall or appliances:

  • For freestanding wine coolers, measure out a space of 5-8 cm between the wall and back and carefully place the wine fridge in this area as that is enough space for it to properly ventilate.
  • Clear out any obstructions that could be blocking ventilation.


Close Your Wine Fridge Door

If your wine cooler starts to constantly beep, one of the most common reasons that we come across in this industry is that the fridge door is left open.

If you have had your Liebherr wine fridge for a long period of time, sometimes wine fridges can look like they are fully closed but it is not - and this means warm air can sneak into the fridge which can affect the temperature. This can damage your wine bottles quickly, and be a primary cause of beeping.

Take these steps regarding your wine fridge door to see if it is closed correctly:

  • Open and close your wine fridge door - when you are doing this, you should begin to feel a certain tension from your door.
  • Inspect your door caskets - if you’ve noticed that there has been a certain amount of dirt built up over time then it is time to roll up your sleeves and begin cleaning.
  • If you notice your door caskets are giving slack, you should look into replacing them. You can do this by reaching out to a wine fridge specialist who can quickly replace them and this may cause the beeping to fully stop.


Clean Your Wine Fridge Vents

Wine fridges from expert brands such as Liebherr will be designed with vents and this is needed for your wine fridge to successfully cool your bottles of wine at the right temperature.

This means if you’ve had your Liebherr wine fridge for an extended period, it could be susceptible to dust, debris and more building up inside and causing it to obstruct your wine fridge vents.

These types of pesky obstructions can stop your wine fridge vents from working at their best thus meaning your wine fridge will detect this and start to beep alerting you that there is a potential problem.

To fix this issue, find a dry clean cloth then slowly run it across cleaning the dust and debris from the vent.

If your Liebherr wine fridge has stopped cooling, we can help - contact us today for expert advice and assistance. 

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