How to install a wine cooler:

Freestanding Wine Cooler: 

Freestanding wine coolers are designed to stand alone and not be built in to any cabinetry at all, we recommend a minimum ventilation space of 3-5 inches around the sides and rear of the unit.  Do not install a freestanding unit under a counter top.

Find out more here: Freestanding installation.

Built-in / undercounter wine cooler:

A built in wine cooler is designed to be surrounded by cabinetry or can be utilised as a freestanding unit, this type of unit has a grille at the front to allow cool air to be drawn in.

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Integrated Wine Cooler:

Integrated wine cabinets are similar to built in wine coolers but are designed to slot into cupboards to create a floating look.

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Thermoelectric Wine Cooler:

Thermoelectric wine coolers should never be built into cabinetry or have the ventilation limited in any way.  They are designed to sit on the floor or smaller units are perfect for installation on a counter top.

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If you have any questions, regarding the installation of your wine cooler or which unit you need, please contact us before purchasing.