Elite Wine Refrigeration is the exclusive distributor of Dunavox Wine Cabinets in the UK.

Dunavox is one of the few manufacturers who are dedicated to producing top class wine cabinets, offering the complete range to suit different needs.  In a short space of time, Dunavox has become one of the leading brands in the wine cooling industry.  They supply every corner of Europe with an unrivaled collection of wine fridges, which come in a host of sizes.  Unlike other more generic manufacturers, Dunavox has not branched off from the appliance industry into wine coolers, their sole expertise is wine coolers.
They have developed a few ranges of collections which fit into almost any available space, including shallow depth wine cabinets, deep plinth wine cabinets and of course, the necessary integrated and freestanding options are available across the range. 


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Dunavox Kitchen Range

The Kitchen Range

With bottle capacities from as little as 6 for smaller, more personal collections right up to 194 bottles for avid collectors or restaurants alike.  These are all available in brushed stainless steel or solid black and play host to touch screen controls and sliding draws with the added protection of lockable models for vinters and caterers.


Dunavox Kitchen Integrated Wine Cooler

Kitchen Integrated

Offering the latest integrated models to complete a modern look in a kitchen. You can choose from a single and dual zone to store all type and size of wine, with the unique option of stainless steel frame or full black glass door design.

Capacity ranges from 24 to 114 bottles, which should fit your household’s requirements.


Dunavox Kitchen undercounter wine cooler

Kitchen Undercounter

Dunavox's latest range of kitchen undercounter compressor wine coolers are in elegant black or stainless steel and manufactured using the latest technology. Capacity range is 7-54 bottles, which should perfectly fit your household’s requirements. There are also taller units that are designed to fit between units, not just undercounter.


Dunavox Freestanding Large Wine Cooler

Freestanding Range

Dunavox is one of the fastest developing wine cooler brands in the market. A clear mission, streamlined organizational structure, powerful sales and service network all help to provide our clients with a wide range of quality products at reasonable prices.


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Dunavox wine cooler