Built in Wine Coolers - 400mm / 40cm

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Home Built in Wine Coolers - 400mm / 40cm
Home Built in Wine Coolers - 400mm / 40cm

400mm built in wine coolers are designed to fit into a 40cm wide space. With an actual width of 38cm, these units fit neatly into a 40cm kitchen cabinet or can also be utilised as a freestanding wine cooler. Available colours in black, stainless and white.

Available as single or dualtemperature zone wine coolers, Dunavox have manufactured a unit that offers something a little different to the kitchen market.

Learn more about 400mm wine coolers here.


Wine coolers for a 400mm wide space

The 400mm wide wine cooler is one of the rarest wine coolers available on the market with only a couple of specialist wine cooler companies manufacturing them. With that said they are in high demand as they offer up at generous bottle capacity of 32 Bordeaux bottles for the Dunavox units we stock, this is 13 more than a 300mm wide wine cooler at not much extra cost. Some people believe the 600mm wine cooler is too large and the 300mm wine cooler too small, so the 400mm unit fits in perfectly.


Single or dual temperature zone wine coolers

As with most of our other wine coolers, these units are available in single or dual temperature zone models, the dual-zone model will allow you to store two different types of wine at the same time whereas the single-zone model can be utilised purely for storage or serving a great range of reds or whites at the right temperature.


Installing a 400mm built in wine cooler

This size wine cooler is designed to fit seamlessly into a 400mm kitchen cabinet. Although it is a built in unit, it can be utilised as a freestanding wine cooler as well. The actual width of these units is 38cm as the gaps between a 400mm kitchen cabinet can sometimes be a little smaller. The gaps between the sides should not be covered with a décor panel on this sized unit as it is needed to help with expelling the warm air out of the sides.

The door will be reversible on these units, so you have the option of having the door swinging from the left or right, depending on your requirements.


400mm wine cooler installation tips

Please ensure the sides of the wine cooler are not touching kitchen cabinets as 0.5cm gap is required on either side for ventilation and to ensure the door opens correctly.

When installing a built in wine cooler, it is imperative that the vent is not blocked at the front of the unit. If you plan to run a plinth in front of the wine cooler, please ensure there is a vent installed in it to allow enough cool air to be drawn in to cool the compressor.


Luxury wine cooler and interior lighting

Our built-in wine coolers are constructed from the highest quality components and will showcase your wines brilliantly with the blue internal lighting, this creates a real focal point in the kitchen or dining room as our units are very quiet and can be installed anywhere in the house thanks to the high-quality components used. A built-in wine cooler is also supposed to be practical, so by freeing up some space in your fridge you can now start a small wine collection.